Attract What You Need For The Physical
Manifestation Of Your Image.

"The moment you bring your life into harmony with
the Law, into harmony with the current of Divine
Order, you will find that the "negative" will have
"taken wings." For its cause will have been removed
and you will no longer attract what you don't want."

You Were Born Rich
Chapter: The Law of Vibration and Attraction
By Bob Proctor
-End of Quote-

The business world is based on competition. People are encouraged to out perform, cheat, lie or do whatever in order to be the best. The bottom line is the dollar, getting the contract or making the sale. However, sometimes you have to consider if your actions are harmonious with the
inner you.

Today, I canceled a contract which no longer gave me inner peace. I was doing phone counseling from my home and enjoyed helping the people who called me. However the more successful I was, the more pressure the company placed on me. I was no longer happy, because I was under the gun to produce goals set by a third party. The third party wasn't interested in the problems and concerns of the individual, instead their interest was in how many minutes they could bill to the client.

I found myself feeling very negative and out of harmony
with this business arrangement. That is when I realized
what I needed to do. Once I made the decision and severed
the connection, I felt a positive energy shift. I am no
longer caught up in the consciousness of negative competition. I know I will attract opportunities which are in harmony with my spirit. Today's lesson: you have to honor your Higher Self if you wish to resonate on a positive level.

Today I affirm the truth is. . .


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Spiritual Coaching and Success Motivation by Kenneth "Kioni" Fuller. Dr. Kioni is a handicaped minister with over twenty-three years experience empowering individuals. He has been heard in over 32 countries. Dr. Fuller also publishes a tri-weekly Esoteric Prosperity eZine on the Internet.

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