If you’re a business owner looking for IT support for your enterprise or maybe you are interested in knowing about managed IT services and searched for managed IT services near me, then this article maybe for you.

This guide will provide you wit information about IT managed support services in the UK. But before getting into that, let us take an overview of what IT Managed services are?

What are IT Managed Services?

IT Managed Services London is a type of outsourcing model that is often provided by a third party. The managed services are often sold on a “pay as you use” premise and so have become very popular for a business that is looking to reduce their IT operational costs.

The “pay as you use” models have become extremely popular for smaller businesses that want to gain competitive advantaged via the use of technology; which otherwise would have been costly for them to adopt. Services ranging from cloud hosting, cloud service management, windows 10 support, cybersecurity to name a few, are all commonly seen now from managed IT support providers.

What are the Benefits of IT Managed Services?

Time saving: With the help of a managed services provider you can better manage your employee's workload by delegating activity that is best performed by the partner. This in turn allows your employees to focus on more priority matters. 

Access to experts: Running an IT service is an expensive business. The skills needed are not cheap and so hiring people for every aspect of your IT service can be extremely costly. By using a managed services provider you can leverage the capability of their skills to further your adoption of technology.

Newer technology: One of the roles of your IT managed service provider London  is to offer your advice and consultancy around current, new and emerging technologies. They should be able to offer road map services where they can demonstrate value-add and benefits on deploying newer technologies whilst also making a cost-benefit case.

Cybersecurity: Security must be on every businesses priority list. A credible and capable MSP will be able to provide a host of managed security services for both detection and protection capabilities.

24/7 support: To have an in-house 24/7 team is an expensive business. Many MSP’s will be able to provide out of hours support for critical or all services based on the need. They will likely have a NOC in place that deals with operational support during non-business hours.

Monitoring and alerting: Proactive and reactive support needs to be predictable. To do this, you must ensure that your IT service can alert you on any issues ranging from availability to storage growth. It is this information that allows for structured operational capability. 

IT Strategy: Your IT is only as good as its plan that is benchmarked against its goals. An MSP can help shape a short and medium-term technology strategy that would allow your business to leverage the right technology services to help you gain a competitive edge.

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