Though some people decide to have their wedding during the day, most of the time they are planned for the evening time. Even if your ceremony is scheduled in the afternoon, it’s almost a guarantee that the reception will go well into the night. With less light available in the nighttime; it can be a bit challenging to find fun wedding activities for your guests to enjoy; especially if your reception is being held outdoors. Here are some ideas for nighttime wedding activities that will be fun, simple, and inexpensive to put together.


If you won’t have a lot of light for your reception, sparklers can be a great way to add something special to the event. Many couples use wedding sparklers during their send-off line, but there are many ways to use them during your reception. If it is all happening outside, you can just hand sparklers out to your guests as wedding favors to use at their own discretion. If the reception is happening indoors, you can still use wedding sparklers as long as they are certified as “smokeless”. There isn’t anything as fun and unique as sparklers at your nighttime wedding reception, and best of all they are incredibly inexpensive to purchase.

Glow Sticks

Similar to handing out wedding sparklers, you can opt for something non-flammable such as glow sticks as a fun nighttime wedding favor. Buying multiple different colors of glow sticks can be a fun way to add a splash of color to your nighttime wedding, and they come with the added benefit of generating constant light to improve visibility. Glow sticks are a particularly good choice if you are entertaining children at your wedding because they come in a variety of different choices including necklaces and bracelets that they will love to wear.


Probably the easiest and most obvious activity to have at your nighttime wedding is a campfire. Campfires always bring people together, and they can be a great source of light and warmth; especially if your wedding is in the spring or fall. People can sit around the fire sharing stories, roasting marshmallows or hot dogs, and enjoying the evening while mingling. Just make sure you follow all the campfire safety guidelines rel=nofollow and make sure there aren’t any fire restrictions in place before you pile on the wood and enjoy the company of all your guests.

Hide and Seek

This one is a little unorthodox, but it is too much fun for me to not include it with the others! If you are having your reception at a venue with ample space to roam, consider organizing a huge game of hide and seek. Imagine all of your adult friends having a few drinks and them hiding behind trees as the bride and groom kick things off by searching first. It’s not such a good idea if you have kids at your reception because you don’t want them wandering alone in the woods, but it is a perfect idea if you only invite adults.

Just because you’re having your wedding at night doesn’t mean you can’t have plenty of fun activities. If you use the activities I described above to generate inspiration, you can think up all sorts of great nighttime wedding activities for your big day.

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Misty Jhones