Before the dawn of civilization, humans have always formed a bond with some animals. Man becomes a care provider for these animals, either intentionally or unintentionally. You can be walking along a path where you stumble upon a puppy. It looks too cute to leave behind, so you pick it up and take it home. You begin to feed it, play with it, and even name it. 

Dogs are among the most common pets of man. It is quite a contrast because they seem aggressive, but they are gentle, loyal, and tamable. The dog has been a companion for man since the early days. The man usually goes hunting with their dog, and there is a relationship that develops between them. The man has faith in his dog to lead him back home when he takes a wrong turn. The bond between the man and dog is most exciting and wonderful. Some people go as far as to say their dog is their best friend because they trust it, and it does them. The death of a dog usually brings a feeling of sadness to the owner or family

Ever wondered why dogs are so amazing? You would be pleasantly surprised at what you will learn. Let us look at some fun facts about dogs.


Dogs have a sense of smell that is about 10,000 times better than humans. The specific breed of dog also plays a significant role in determining the range and sensitivity of the nostrils. The cause of this heightened olfactory perception is due to the anatomy of the olfactory lobes to the nostrils. Dogs have over 200 Million olfactory receptors, while humans have about 5 million receptors. Dogs can smell familiar people up to 20km afar. 


Dogs have always been known to chase people they are not familiar with. There is a game where people bet on dogs to win races, after appropriate training, of course. The world’s fastest dog breed is the Greyhound. The Greyhound can run about 72km per hour. They are perfect for use in races.  The Saluki is another breed of dog used primarily in hunting as it can run about 69km per hour. The German shepherd is another fast breed. It will almost always catch what it is chasing. It runs at a speed of about 48km per hour.


If you are a lover of tiny dogs then you should know more about them. Tiny dogs are friendly and mildly aggressive. The Chihuahuas are the smallest breeds in the world. They can live for an average of 15 years. They are very alert, and despite their size, they are quite courageous. The next on the list is the Yorkshire terrier. This terrier is admired for its furs, but you got to give it adequate care. They can get quite aggressive.  The last one we shall mention is the Pomeranian. This cute and small dog is one of the best friends you can have. They are quite the social butterfly.


It is difficult to pick a list of the cutest dogs in the world. Every dog deserves loving and cuddling. Personally, my top pick is the Yorkshire Terrier. Just one look at them, and you can’t wait to cuddle them. The Portuguese water dog is another cute dog that you can have fun with on land and in water. The bearded collie is another cute dog that can melt all your sadness away. Irrespective of the shitty day you are having, one look at a litter of Siberian Husky, and all your problems seem weightless because you will be awed at the serenity and beauty


Not everyone prefers tiny dogs for different reasons such as sports, security, hunting, or just a personal preference. The heaviest dog breed is the English Mastiff. It weighs over 200 pounds. They have a brutal bite force. They can easily overpower other animals, such as wolves. Another giant breed is the Irish Wolfhound whose origin is Ireland. It weighs about 180 pounds. These dogs can be trained to be security and police dogs due to their intelligence. 


Some dogs are available to keep you company, hear your worries, cry with you and sleep. Some of them may look intimidating, but they just want to play, eat and sleep. They are the perfect housemates. The English Bulldog is one of the laziest breeds of dogs. They are big but hate exercising, opting to play indoors and sleep. The Chow Chow is another lazy breed. They can be stubborn, but you can’t get a better cuddle buddy. The Italian Greyhound is another dog that can stay curled up on your laps for several hours and keep you company.


Dogs are intelligent animals. Research has shown that their brain is as developed as a two-year-old child. The intelligence of dogs depends on the breed. There are a few breeds that will top the list of the world’s most intelligent dogs. The German shepherd can be trained to be effective in different areas like security, rescue mission, and substance detection. The Golden Retriever is a smart dog that is usually involved in sports. The Labrador Retriever is also another breed that is intelligent and useful.


Different breeds have been acknowledged for their proficiency. Let us take a sneak peek into the world of dog heroes. The Doberman Pinscher is a military dog that has a statue in honor of its selfless service. The bully breeds can detect poisonous gases and search for injured soldiers. This breed is known for its dedication and valor. The German shepherd is another companion of soldiers that are fierce protectors. Let us not forget the Russian dogs owned by Ivan Pavlov that helped in developing the conditioning behavior theory.


Well, that must come as a shock to many people. Dogs produce sweat but not in the place we expect. You will not notice it because they sweat under their paws-incredible, right! This is why you need to provide a cool and calm environment for your dog to ensure they are comfortable. 

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