The Havanese and Cavanese breed is a small dog that can weigh up to 15 pounds. These dogs can be bi or tricolored and come in various colors, including tan, fawn, black, and white. Their coats are usually fluffy and short, with a wave of subtle curl that requires regular maintenance. They're intelligent, sweet dogs who are extremely affectionate yet dislike being left alone for a long time.

1. Several pet owners around the world have these dogs in their homes. They are extremely popular among celebrities and in nations like Canada, Italy, the United States, where this breed is always in high demand.

2. Havanese and Cavanese breeds have an average life span of about 12-15 years. Naturally, the longer a dog lives, the healthier it is.

3. Havanese and Cavanese puppies are even cuter! These little, sweet-natured dogs are the main attraction to mainly kids and youngsters. They resemble a cuddly, fluffy toy that you can play with all day.

Bichon Frize is a versatile, smart, and bright dog. Their powdered white hair and adorable, rounded head hair are undoubtedly familiar to you. Their vigilance makes them excellent watchdogs, but they see everyone as a friend. These little dogs win friends wherever they go because of their upbeat and cheery demeanor.

1. Bichon Frize is a breed of dog that has been around for millennia. They have a long history with European nobles, dating back to the 13th century.

2. Nobles of Spain, Italy, and France were fond of Bichon Frize. In Spain, the Bichon was a hit right away and then it gained popularity among the Italian nobility immediately.

3. This breed has appeared in numerous artworks. Bichon Frize was shown in works by notable painters such as Titian, Sir Joshua Reynolds, and much more.

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Bichon Frize and Havanese and Cavanese, like many other petite breeds, are vulnerable to developing renal and bladder issues. As a result, one must have a thorough understanding of the breed before taking on its responsibility. Please contact us for more information.