Feeling naughty tonight? Are you running out of ideas to spice up your sex life? With more erotic, exciting and fun bedroom games, you will be able to make your sex life more enjoyable and have much longer foreplay.

Many couples complain that their "honeymoons" are over; their sex lives are not longer exciting and passionate. If you are one of them, it is now time for you to take action and bring back the excitement and fun of having sex with your lover.

Learn this one technique -- simple and easy for any man to use -- and not only will sex be more pleasurable for you, but you'll instantly become a better lover than 90% of the rest of the guys on the planet. Here's how to have sex more often -- and have her thank you for it

With the right bedroom games that I am going to introduce to you, you will be able to get rid of boring sex life immediately:

1. Lusty Reading. Get a few books with steamy sex scenes in them. Now flip through one of the book until you come across a steamy sex scene. Then read it out loud to your lover, which follow by the both of you acting out the details of it. Once you are done, pass the book to your lover and choose a new scene to act out.

2. The Dirty Mind. When you are out for dinner, have your lover guess what sexual position, technique, or sexual encounter that is in your mind now. Then give your lover 2 chances to get it right. If he or she still cannot get the correct answer, you can give 2 clues to lead your lover to guess the correct answer. If at the end you lover still does not manage to get it right, then he or she has to grant you whatever sexual request you make later that night.

If your lover gets it right, then you have to grant the lusty request by him or her.

The above are just 2 very simple and common bedroom games that you can play so as to spice up your sex life. There are tons of interesting, creative and erotic games out there fore you to explore, be sure not to miss them.

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Being a man you may find it difficult to understand what the ultra rare sex secrets about a woman could be. But be assured that there are certain secrets that all women have.

The only thing is that men are not aware about these secrets and thus fail to satisfy a woman.

Romanticizing- Being a romantic person goes to your credit when it comes to adulations and appreciations. While you admire and appreciate a girl's beauty, eyes and hair you will be arousing her gradually.

She will love the tender and fond look in your eyes while you talk to her and look deep into her eyes and hold her or kiss her; the feeling is elating and she enjoys what you do.

Caressing and fondling- The way you caress and fondle a woman are important to her. Let the passion flow through your hands to tell her just how lovely she is and how much you admire her.

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Do not rush or hurry the caressing or fondling. Do it all leisurely and fondly.

Foreplay- If you really want your woman to be highly aroused foreplay is your key. You cannot hope to see her in a real mood for sex unless she is aroused.

This is the most crucial stage when you need to labor and linger over this stage and go about it in the most unhurried way possible. Take your time and introduce a lot of variation.

She will also like the little tease that you need to use as well while at the foreplay.

The highlights- The vaginal area includes the vaginal lips, the vulva, the clitoris and the g spot which is located within the vagina. No one spot can afford to be overlooked when stimulating the area.

Each of these contribute to giving her mind blowing orgasms, so stimulation of each of these at great length and alternating between the first three will be the secret you need to know.

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If you are like many men, it's probably fair to say that you want to give your woman GREAT SEX. If that's the case -- you're in the right place because in this article you are going to discover 7 quick and easy and highly effective ways to give your woman a lot MORE SEXUAL PLEASURE.

So read on now and use one or all of these tips the next time you make-love to your woman...

1. Give Her Better Oral Sex

Women love oral sex, but only when it's really good.

A way to instantly improve the oral sex you give your woman is to insert your middle finger into her vagina and stimulate her G-Spot at the same time as you are licking her clitoris.

This will totally drive her crazy!

2. Turn Her On By Talking Dirty

Every woman loves to hear her man's voice during sex.

Of course, during sex -- she doesn't want to talk about the news or what she's done at work that day.

No, no, no... during sex, your woman wants to hear you TALK DIRTY.

When you talk dirty you will instantly increase your woman's sexual pleasure. Guaranteed.

In fact - to give your woman really GREAT SEX, you must talk dirty. There is no other way.

3. Pin Her Arms Down

Here's a neat little trick to increase your woman's sexual excitement:

When you are doing her in the missionary position -- take both of her arms and gently pin them down above her head.

You don't have to be brilliant, good-looking, or well-endowed to have her think you're a sex god... you just have to be 'dumb' enough to follow these step-by-step instructions

4. Touch Her 'Other Hole'

When you are doing her from behind, use your thumb to stimulate her anus. If you do it gently and when she is very near to orgasm -- it'll feel extremely good to her.

5. Give Her The Best Foreplay Ever

All women love foreplay but most men absolutely suck at it.

Here's how to give your woman THE BEST FOREPLAY EVER:

- Do not take your pants off until you have given her one clitoral orgasm and two G-Spot Vaginal Orgasms

Do this and you not only give her three incredible orgasms -- you also show her that you care about her SEXUAL PLEASURE and that you are not a selfish lover.

6. Use Teasing To Build Her Sexual Anticipation

Everything during sex feels better the longer the build up to it.

For example, if you slowly build your woman up to oral sex over the course of 20 minutes -- it will feel better for her when you finally touch her clitoris than if you dived straight in after 60 seconds.

So TEASE her and let her sexual anticipation grow.

7. Give Her Vaginal Orgasms

Vaginal Orgasms are way more powerful and pleasurable for a woman than clitoral orgasms, but less than 20% of women have ever had one.

If you want to give your woman really great sex -- give her vaginal orgasms.

You can do this by stimulating her G-SPOT.

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All women enjoy oral sex. What they don't enjoy is amateurs attempting to perform oral sex. Studies show that most women avoid oral sex simply because the guy has no idea what he's doing half of the time.

So how do you think it would reflect on you if you were one man out of many that knew exactly what they were doing and how exactly to make girls squirm every time? The answer is that women would literally line up around the block for you.

If you can master the simple tricks I have laid out for you, you can guarantee that every woman you get into bed will be telling stories about your prowess for ages to come and will be extremely eager to see you again for some more pillow action.

How To Orally Pleasure Girls Until They Climax - Five Masterful Oral Sex Tricks You Can Use

Trick #1. Work with what you've got. Pleasing a girl orally is not an easy task; however the most important thing to remember is that you have to use what you've been given. Too many men out there use their fingers exclusively and forget about their tongues, and those that don't use their tongues and not their fingers. What you need to do is focus on using both at the same time.

You need to time when to insert your fingers for maximum effectiveness, though. While your tongue is working, for example, slip your fingers slowly inside her while still maintaining the same motions with your tongue and watch as she shivers in extreme pleasure!

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Trick #2. What's your hurry? There's no need to rush your efforts to bring her to a climax. The best thing to do if you want her to truly enjoy the sexual experience is to take your time and work at a steady pace. Once you have a good rhythm going, everything else becomes easy. Just remember, though: rhythm is key!

Trick #3. Change it up. As I mentioned before: rhythm is key; it forms the basis for everything that you do from then on. Once you have the basic rhythm, feel free to speed up and try new things, but always fall back to the same rhythm. This will increase her excitement as she eagerly anticipates your next lick or touch.

Trick #4. Is that all you've got? Be sure to explore the rest of her body too. While it's tempting to focus exclusively on her clitoris as the most obvious site of stimulation, she also has lots of other areas that can be exploited through the use of your groping fingers. Learning to multitask and find these places while still maintaining your attention on her clitoris is one of the signs of a true master.

Trick #5. Sing. I'm not joking. Just as guys enjoy it when a girl hums for him, girls appreciate it when you sing for them. The vibrations from your mouth onto her clitoris works the same way as a vibrator does, except more effectively. This is also a great way to set you apart from other men out there as not many are willing to go to such lengths.

Keep all of these in mind and she will most definitely come and you will definitely be hearing from her again! With that, your place as a master of the oral arts will be assured!

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