Once you have taken the time to build and train a team, it is essential to retain the team members. You don’t want team members to leave after all the time and effort it took to train them, do you? Of course not. When team members leave, you lose profits. You eventually have to invest more of your valuable time to find new team members to replace the ones who left. Is there a way you can keep a high percentage of your team members?

2 Ways To Retain Team Members

* Teach them how to sell. Earning a good living by selling your products will keep
team members. Educate, inform, and motivate them so they have the proper tools and information to make a good living as your team member. If they sell, they stay!

* Make sure to have fun at team meeting training events. Besides making money,
fun is what keeps them coming back for more. Dry, stale and boring training creates unmotivated team members. Unmotivated team members won’t be able to sell. If they don’t sell, they leave!

How to Have Fun at Team Meetings

People don’t always think of fun when they think about sales training, but fun must be an integral part of training if you want your team to stay intact. Keep your team involved, engaged, and energized by making all of your team training informational, educational, and motivational. How do you have fun at team training meetings? The number of ways to have fun is only limited by your creativity and imagination, but here are three ways to get you started.

* Have meetings with a seasonal theme. Themes are possible all throughout the year - Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, the first day of summer, 4th of July, the end of the summer, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and others.

* Play games. There are a multitude of dynamic and fun games that can be played at team training sessions. Games should inform and entertain your members.

* Watch infomercials. They can be an annoyance when viewing television, but they can be a valuable teaching tool when used in your training sessions. Not only do they offer valuable lessons on how to present and sell, they can also be fun to watch in a group setting.

By introducing some fun into every team training meeting, you make training enjoyable and motivational. They will remember what they’ve learned and you will retain your team members.

Fun team meetings are a win for everyone! There business grows and you improve team retantion at the same time.

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