"Imagine having a relationship with your body wherby it does what you need because you have done what it needs.
Functional Training has helped me excel in everything that I do. Because I practice moving better, I have more energy, more drive, and a more youthful lifestyle."

What is it?

Functional training is a classification of exercise which involves training the body for the activities performed in daily life.

In essence, it gives you the power to move and perform in the best way possible for your lifestyle! It makes life awesome!

Why Functional Training?

It's Practical.

The philosophy is simple, in normal day-to-day life, most people aren't working on machines like so many fitness facilities out there are ridden with, (even some weight lifters prefer free weights over machines!). Machines limit the body to specific and limited ranges of motion, all of which develops the body in impractical ways.

By using Functional Training, TIKE LIFE focuses on boosting body awareness and ability by moving the body in effective and efficient ways. This mostly means that you will be working against your own body weight, learning many new techniques, and a wide variety of exciting workouts to look forward to.

Body-weight Fitness
Martial Arts
Fitness Quests and Games
Lifestyle Coaching

The best part is, we can always add or change specific movements to suit your needs. We can always change up the exercises to bring on the desired effects. What you end up with is greater abilities in moving your own body around and faster adaptability to new movements.
It's adaptable to anyone!

Modifications can be made whether you are already an avid athlete who needs specific conditioning, a stay at home mom looking for a convenient way to stay fit, or are just looking for some adventure behind staying in shape!

Who needs a gym? You can take it anywhere!

Functional Training is also very mobile. You can take it anywhere! Because functional training focuses largely around body-weight exercises and small equipment, you can workout on the spot anywhere you are without the assistance of a machine, or machine in a gym.

Functional Training with TIKE LIFE visit http://livetikelife.com/private-coaching/

Author's Bio: 

Tim Kessler is a Fitness and Wellness coach focused on helping people create youthful lifestyles.

Tim has found his inspiration and integrity through the Martial Arts, Leadership Development, and Spiritual Growth.

He works and lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.