Finding out the exact way to spend NDIS funds across various types of budget categories can appear extremely confusing. As a matter of fact oodles of questions arise with regards to budget categories.

Insights on Assistance With Social and Community Participation

Assistance with social and community participation is a particular budget which is regarded as the NDIS CORE category. It is utilised by the public when it comes to engaging their ability to engage in different social, community and recreational activities. The activities mainly include primary things like community centric activities and assistance programs for individuals to participate in various social groups. The activities usually take place in different locations.

Activities Which Are Funded

Experts suggest there are multiple potential benefits which an individual can derive from NDIS social and community participation service in Sydney. The funding is especially designed for abolishing various social barriers which individuals are forced to face.

Things which can be funded include the following

  • Various types of recreational or sporting activities
  • Support for participating in different social groups and spending time with fellow mates
  • Visiting the local library
  • Building skills and seeking new interests and learning new subjects
  • Volunteering
  • Camps and classes
  • Support workers who assist individuals in taking part in social and community programmes

Using the Social and Community Participation Funding

The participation funding is especially used to cover up for the costs which are associated with participation of NDIS group activities in Sydney. For example it is possible that you may attend a local community event for learning craft-based activities.

Furthermore individuals can make use of the Social and Community Participation funding programme to fund or pay for a cause which will help a support worker to meet expenses for the following:

  • Transporting you to the activity location and dropping you at home.
  • Conducting classes on Auslan interpreting and communication support and assistance for completion of activities
  • Supporting you on instances such as accessing the bathroom and other spaces. Helping you with personal care tasks and eating especially when you are outdoors.

However, the worker’s fee is mostly agreed upon on an hourly rate required for transporting you and helping you access bathroom and perform personal care tasks.

Factors That Stays Out of Coverage

This is certainly one of the most confusing aspects concerning Social and Community Participation. Ideally a person seeking the advantage is not allowed to use the NDIS funding for paying costs involving tuition fee, course fee or extracurricular classes. However any cost which is related to an individual's disability or meeting personal goals will be covered.

The NDIS doesn’t cover the following:

  • Ticket prices or entry fee. Tickets include movie tickets or entry to the museum.
  • Ticket price for a support worker or any other person accompanying you
  • The meal costs and costs of beverages and other food items when a person enjoying the benefit attends activities
  • Equipment costs for buying various sporting gears except those including purchase of goods at any specialised event

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The author is an active NDIS Social and community participation service provider in Sydney. In recent times the author has been shedding light on key areas concerning the topic.