What are the fundamentals of Network Marketing and are their any? The legendary Vince Lombardi who coached the Grenn Bay Packers in the fifties on the first day of training camp used to hold up a football and say "this is a football." What was he trying to convey? That even though we have won championships this is a game of fundamentals. Tackling, blocking,passing,running and catching the ball. That is why he was so successful. He taught and drilled fundamentals into his players.

His point was you can have all the talent that there is, but if you have your ladder up against the wrong building your not going to achieve your goals. The problem with fundamentals is they usually are boring and can be achieved through sheer repetition. In fact that is the best way to learn anything as far as I am concerned. Do it over and over again until it becomes part of you. When you have the fundamentals down everything else falls into place.

Are their any fundamentals in Network Marketing? Yes and very basic ones too. They are: take the product, share the product and teach the business. Very simple. Sometimes when things are so simple people believe they can't work and start inventing their own ways. This is where most MLM'ers go astray and usually wind up out of the business. And of course they blame the business.

How long do you think Vince Lombardi would have put up with a player who didn't practice the fundamentals? Not even for one play. He had control over his players, but in Network Marketing the only one who has control over you is you. There is the difference.

Doesn't it make sense that if something works and you want to be successful that you use the same methods? In that regard Network Marketing is no different than football. So are you smart enough to recognize what works and what doesn't? Also, it does cost one red cent to copy somebody else. Are you ready to be successful In Network Marketing? Then start doing the fundamentals!

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Been involved in Network Marketing for 19 years, but worked mostly in the restaurant industry. Love to cook, public speaking. Want to tech people to benefit from the mistakes I have made.

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