Easter is the second favorite holiday for kids after Christmas. Kids love this holiday because they always have lots of fun with their friends and family. For kids, the Easter holiday is about dyed eggs, the Easter bunny, and jelly beans. You can explain the craze that this holiday brings to kids from all corners of the world. As much as kids love to play and have lots of fun during Easter, they also expect gifts from parents and friends. Finding happy Easter gifts for kids isn’t hard since stores and malls are filled with them during this spring holiday. If you have tried out different gifts in the last and are not sure what funny Easter gifts to try next, here are several ideas to help make the next Easter holiday fun and exciting for your kids.

A Squeaky Basket Eggs

Forget about those plastic, dyed eggs that you always hide on Easter for your kids to find. These squeaky rubber eggs make funny notices when squeezed. Your kids will have lots of fun finding these hidden eggs and squeezing them to make noise. They are available in many different colors and sizes. They are also long-lasting, and your kids can play with them for many Easter holidays to come.

Happy Easter Tulips Basket

When looking for Easter bouquets, you need flowers that bloom in spring, such as tulips, since Easter is a spring holiday. Tulips come in many vibrant colors making the wonderful flowers to send to your kids on Easter holidays. Mixing different hues of tulips, dyed eggs, and the Easter bunny in a basket makes it a fun-filled Easter Gift. For many kids, Easter isn’t complete without the Easter bunny. Cosmea Gardens has all kinds of Easter flowers for kids and many other flowers and gifts for all occasions.

Easter Jigsaw Puzzle Games

When you want your kids to be on their toes, you need to keep them busy with various sports and games. Solving puzzles allows them to interact with other kids and expand their knowledge by solving simple puzzles. This is a cheap and interesting way to make your kids have lots of fun during Easter. Easter puzzle games also come in complex puzzles for school-aged kids. Inspire your kids on how to improve their IQ skills using games.

A Basket Filled with Jelly Beans and Chocolate Eggs

Tasty treats for kids during Easter come in many shapes and sizes. Jelly beans and chocolate eggs are some of them. Since they will run up and down searching for Easter bunnies and hidden dyed eggs, their sugar levels need to be high. They are going to burn them anyway so they won’t suffer from any rush.


Easter is a great holiday for kids, and they always feel good when they are given funny gifts to celebrate this spring holiday. With these awesome Easter gifts, you can show your kids how special they are to you. Cosmea Gardens is the best online flower delivery if you are looking for unique and funny gifts for all seasons.

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