FF&E purchasing or procurement refers to when corporations and public agencies hire interior designers, general contractors, or architects to furnish their office or place of business.

FF&E refers to the procurement of furniture, fixtures and equipment. FF&E (furniture, fixtures & equipment) has a major role in the whole design course of a project. Contrary to what some believe, it’s not all about cushion fluffing and pretty pictures, it involves so much more.

FF&E interior designer is a fully-fledged interior designer with an additional specialty. They are responsible for all moveable entities placed within a property. Anything, that’s not permanently fixed, though there are exceptions such as decorative walls and ceiling fixtures which, although fixed, still fall under the FF&E sector as a decorative item.

Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) is the movable property companies’ use in business operations. It can be office furniture, fixtures that won’t damage a building structure when removed, and equipment such as computers needed to conduct day-to-day operations. The term FF&E is used in different service industries for various purposes but generally talks about the same items.

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