India is one of the largest democracies and its continuous growth over the decades changes the lifestyle of every citizen. Nothing affects upper class’ luxury. Emerging technology and market values help a common man a lot. Additionally, current economy has put money in the hands of the middle class, and now they can live a life style their parents have only dreamed of. A well planned and officially designed space is no more a fantasy. Multi-utility, space-savvy and budget friendly furniture with numerous designs and styles makes a dream house within everybody’s reach.

The change in the residential real estate industry over the last few decades has given an impulsion to the home décor market in Rajasthan as well. Urbanisation changed the taste of home décor and interior among people a lot.The demanding of multi-utility furniture is raising with each passing day and this has changed the structure of furniture market in Jaipur a lot.

Jaipur, the Pink City, is the hub of furniture industry in Rajasthan.The décor and furniture store in Jaipur has witnessed a phenomenal change in the past ten years. People, now-a-days, prefer flats more than independent houses, and this is the reason why multifunctional furniture is their priority. Multi-purpose furniture is the best way to save space and reduce clutter without loosing out on storage functionality.

The factors which are propelling the growth of Home Decor and Furnishing Market in Jaipur:
People take their homes as a reflection of themselves, so a lot of people are now ready to spend on furniture and décor.
Disposable income, better education and emerging trends have given a rise in home furnishing market.
Woking women are taking furniture fashion more seriously.
Travelling and exposure to the lifestyle of other countries inspires them to have a similar lifestyle for themselves too.
Today, people are in a competition with each other to have a comfortable and stylish living.
Youth has become more sensitive to seasonal and fashionable home décor ideas and retailers are providing products according to the growing demands for style, quality and novelty as well.
Many furniture outlets in Jaipur provide the home furnishing solutions that will drive the market ranges through their trend-led, cost-efficient options for updating the look of a home.

The growth of furniture market in Jaipur has introduced a new range with innovation and aspiration. In the giant market of furniture industry in the Pink City, manufacturers use all kinds of woods available to provide a variety and quality furniture. The following are the types of woods mainly dealt in:
Hardwood: These are durable and robust woods, usually belonging to broad-leaved deciduous trees, like Sheesham, Mango and Teak. They have a very high density and are perfect for high-end and elegant home furniture.
Softwood: The coniferous trees of the mountain ranges fall under this category. They are called soft because it is easy to work on them, as compared to hardwoods. Softwoods is taken from trees like Pine, Juniper, Deodar cedar, fir, etc. These, while not as strong as the hardwoods, prove to be very useful and can be easily shaped.
Man-Made: When working on the above type of woods, chips and shavings are always left behind. These usually refuse materials are bound together by industrial strength binders and glues, and then sandwiched between surfaces to make man-made woods. These are the most versatile kinds of woods, which can be shaped in any way as required. Types like plywood, medium density fibreboards (MDF), high-density fibreboards and the likes fall under this category.
There are many furniture stores in Jaipur offering ready-made or tailor-made furniture according to the requirement. There are number of people in Jaipur that like to shop online rather than to shop offline because of the many advantages and benefits available.

There are many schemes, discounts and pocket-friendly offers that are offered by many retailers that attract customers, yet it is another way to save money. There is a tough completion between online and offline industries in all sectors, so, the furnishing retailers in Jaipur are investing in technologies like augmented reality and handholding customers to design theme-based homes to interact with the need of the customers more preciously.

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