Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP provides integrated application software to serve the different functions of organization. ERP system implementation can be customized according to the needs of the customer and the business of the organization. It can be altered using the tools and coding by the vendor. The ERP can be used to provide a customized solution across the entire organization which enables it to improve the business and increase profitability. This system has evolved out of the manufacturing industry. Earlier the manufacturing industry used to focus more on the Inventory control, and then it started using the Material Requirement Planning and now ERP. The future of Enterprise Resource Planning software is bright since most of the organizations are turning towards ERP to streamline their business processes.

ERP has become an important application for most of the industries and if the industry wants to remove the current setbacks with an aim for improving their profits, they should go in for the Enterprise Resource Planning software. The future of Enterprise Resource Planning software is tremendous due to the benefits it provides to an organization. ERP is an effective application that aids in streamlining the internal business process of a company. Before only the big scale companies used to go for ERP implementation.

Now even the medium sized companies opt for ERP and soon all will be using this software. There is a large potential for ERP in the future as the concept of outsourcing has evolved. The future of Enterprise Resource Planning software has high demand at an international level if it can adapt to the latest technologies. The ERP software seems to be undergoing a transformation to offer clear innovated and enhanced software without problems. The current market trend of the ERP software market is required to be known in order to analyze the future trends of Enterprise Resource Planning software.

ERP was originally evolved from MRP which was used in the manufacturing industry. Now it is being used for SCM and CRM which is Supply Chain Management and Customer Relationship Management respectively. The future of ERP software will focus on the SME segment as a number of companies are focusing on SME. The organizations are looking for customized high quality software at a reasonable price. The future requires the company to have flexibility and the ability to adapt to the latest technology and the technological changes to adapt to the enterprise technology. The change which ERP will adopt is to provide a more modular approach.

The solutions will be equipped with more e-commerce facilities and tools which will attract more users. Improved data security and an advanced way of backup of the user's data will be provided in future. This is essential to increase the credibility of the solutions to the organizations and companies. The SME segment will be able to utilize the ERP implementation benefits with the future solutions. The companies will be able to gain visibility in the international market as e-commerce will be a primary feature in the company's marketing strategies when using the ERP software.

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