UI-design of mobile applications depends largely on users. Some trends are more popular than others. Based on their relevance, we can predict if they would be fixed in the top not only in the current but next year.

The overlapping effect

This technique is typical for the mobile applications design. It is firmly entrenched in the field of modern graphics and will be entrenched in the field of the best logo design trends in 2019. A variety of elements can overlap each other. This can be fonts, colors, images. The practice of using this effect shows several of its advantages at once, such as • The interface becomes more interesting and eye-catching; • A sense of space is created that increases the comfort of using one or another application; • If the same elements overlap, it looks unusual, despite the fact that such a design solution is not new. Based on these advantages of the overlapping effect, it can be assumed that it will maintain high positions in popularity in the near future.


When you change the transparency settings, the same elements can acquire a completely different appearance. Therefore, in the design of interfaces, transparency is widely in demand. It makes it possible to give objects a non-trivial “glass” texture. Very often the effect of transparency can be observed not only on the elements of mobile apps but also on logos.

Functional animations

For several years animation is among the key mobile applications design trends. It is pleasant to interact with it. In addition, animation elements create an interesting visual accent.


The simplicity of the forms used in interface design makes it possible not to overload the perception of users of mobile applications. Natural styles, shapes, and curves are perceived by people quite simply and comfortably. This allows you to concentrate not so much on design as on the functionality.

A difference of text styles

We have already mentioned that contrasting font this and the next year will be in a trend. However, it is worth concretizing this aspect. Simultaneous use of fonts of different colors and sizes will make it possible to create a hierarchy of text elements, as well as correctly organize the interface space. It is important that people could conveniently use the mobile application. The design becomes pleasing to the eye. Lucrative UI is an important element in cryptocurrency exchange development.

No edge

Last year, one of the current trends in the mobile applications design was “frameless” screens. Designers even jokingly call this trend the death of the frame. The newest frameless smartphones encourage designers in the field of mobile interface design to adapt to new trends. Such phones actually create a new, unique experience. They do not put content into the logical blocks and influence the content with their own factors. The edges of modern mobile devices are rounded. This trend is obvious. It imposes on the UI-design some restrictions that prevent the use of elements with sharp edges. By the way, rounding edges and smooth lines are typical not only for mobile applications but also for the web design industry as a whole. That’s why this trend will also be one of the best web design trends next year.

More color effects and gradient

Not so long ago, low-key colors have been a dominant feature in the mobile applications design. But soon things began to change. Contrary to obvious trends, many experts have tried to surprise users with the brightness of color combinations. And they fully succeeded. The further designers departed from classical tendencies, the more attractive the product created by them was. Now functional mobile interfaces are more saturated and interesting. They set up an atmosphere of optimism and drive.

Attention to the past

No matter how many modern trends arise, grounded in technical innovations, retro tones and elements do not lose relevance. They evoke a strong association with the familiar and pleasant, and therefore never completely forgotten. In this, creative re-thinking of retroelements allows you to combine the classic with the new, adapting the design of mobile applications on the latest fashion trends.

Unusual typography

The nature of the images, the number of colors on the screen and the density of pixels are important factors in the UI design industry. Nevertheless, special attention should be paid to the font. Between the text and the image in the design, there is always such an element as the font. It should be combined aesthetics and functionality. If the headings and descriptions are beautiful, they look great in the overall picture.

Sum and extents

Flat contrast elements can look beautiful and unusual if you use a number of famous design techniques to highlight them and create the desired hierarchy. For this you can use:
• Competently chosen proportions;
• Light shadows;
• The correct angles of slope of individual blocks. The above effects make the interface visually more structured.

Successful use of trendy colors

Brightness as a trend has been mentioned many times already. But we need to refer to such an aspect as fashion colors more specifically.

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