Long years ago, there was an absence of awareness and information on technologies that stores and processes big data. Therefore, organizations have developed various big data technologies that stores and analyze the data and Hadoop is one among its inaugural technologies. Since then, it's evolved as a solution to big data-related issues and created career opportunities for people searching for Hadoop jobs.

Similarly to the evolution, there was a sudden rise in career opportunities for Hadoop Jobs. Moreover, with an increasing competition, individuals are fighting to get the required job with all satisfying features. To beat this, Hadoop certifications are best to stand out from the group. The Hadoop certification covers detailed information on big data and Hadoop ecosystem tools. Moreover, it offers you a new advantage to work on real-life cases in different industries.

2018 is that the best year to start out the career in big data with the usage of Hadoop. It’s blooming and numerous developing startups are hiring candidates on Hadoop. Furthermore, premium organizations like TCS, Amazon, JP Morgan and Microsoft are continuously posting job vacancies on job portals.

Pre Requisites which can help to get Hadoop Jobs

A master’s degree in data science or data analytics can boost your career worth for sure. However, the below-mentioned skills will add the first impression to organizations searching for Hadoop developers.

1.Knowledge of Linux Language which will help you to offer a start with Hadoop Language

2.Knowledge of Java, Scala, and Python

3.Knowledge of No SQL databases to work with HBase

4.Hadoop certification

5.Knowledge of data modeling and relational databases

6.Knowledge of tools like SAS and excel.

Who will go for Hadoop Career?

The requirement for big data professionals is increasing with the advent of your time. The technology is already making ample job opportunities for professionals. Below are the people to whom Hadoop will be a new advantage.

1.Testing professionals

2.Mainframe professionals

3.Developers and architects

4.Senior IT professionals

The ability to access, analyze and use humungous volumes of data through specific technology is what's needed by almost every organization. the big data job market is growing at a strong pace and Hadoop provides lucrative job opportunities for an aspiring data scientist.

Scope of Employment with Hadoop:

All these factors make Hadoop as the most prominent technology and there's an excellent demand for the individuals practiced in Hadoop coaching. Many new employment opportunities are created and also the firms are willing to offer higher pay levels for those who are better skilled in Hadoop technology. The demand for Hadoop is never ending. So, one who attains effective coaching in Hadoop will avail the scope of the best employment opportunities along with the best scope for a in career.

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