In coming few years there will be some major changes in ERP industry and these will set future trend in ERP consulting. There have been some drastic changes in the past in software industry, and ERP has grown from simple accounting software and MRP to huge interconnected application capable of handling all the aspects of medium to large organizations. The implementation of such massive software required detailed analysis and step by step approach which created need for functional and technical consultants. Today ERP providing companies are keenly working out different options for their possible buyers which minimize their risk and investment in terms of money and time and positive results of implementing enterprise resource planning software show up much earlier than in the past. Arrival of such options from more and more ERP companies will set a future trend in ERP consulting by increasing the importance of consultants.

Companies in future will prefer to have defined solutions for procedures instead of merging them into one application. Even today companies go for implementing modules one after another in place of core ERP implementation at one go. This reduces effort of implementation and minimizes risk of failure, if this approach becomes more popular then ERP consultants will be needed full time at the client's site. Enterprise resource planning software owning companies would prefer to have services of independent consultants for analyzing the best suited modules and technical consultant to ensure their smooth functioning. Rise of ERP consultants with expertise in handling modules of certain ERP will be a new future trend in ERP consulting.

Fast changing technology will need ERP consultants who can keep up with the pace. With change in technology ERP companies will utilize these changes for improving and enhancing their products, this will give edge to those consultants who are well aware of these changes. Recent trends show that most of the technological changes have brought enterprise resource planning software in the range of small and medium sized companies; if in future similar trend continues then demand for ERP will increase by manifolds. Increased demand for independent ERP consultants will be a future trend in ERP consulting.

For technical consultants future trends in ERP consulting can become brighter by increase in demand of platform-as-a-service. Availability of proprietary tools developed by established ERP providing companies will set a trend of buy and build, this will increase demand for capable technical consultants and also for functional consultants to suggest changes for better working and providing solutions to existing problems.

More and more companies prefer to have locally deployed enterprise resource planning application in place of software as a service, this is due to the reasons that despite of paying monthly subscription for many months companies do not own anything. With companies preferring enterprise resource planning software implementation will brighten future trend in ERP consulting even further. In recent future ERP will see many changes and improvements which will increase its reach to small companies and even smaller organizations as implementation and ownership cost will decrease. This change too will create more demand for consultants and will also promote healthy competition.

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