It is time to birth the new reality of our future. We are creating a new world; what kind of world depends on our thoughts and our belief that we do in fact manifest what we think about. As a transformational life coach I am finding it easier and easier to speak to others about living in a state of love and joy from the heart, because they are becoming more receptive to inner change.

If you consider yourself a light worker, be courageous and actually live your love, walk your talk, love yourself and maintain your high level of behaving. When you speak and interact with others, see in the eyes of the other before you, their divine higher consciousness waiting to be expressed and allowed to flow.

Integrate your knowledge into your life in a way that you become a living expression of what you want to teach: be love, expressing happiness and exuding pure and flowing joy. We are all teachers and we are all students of life. You are being called to connect to the deepest part of yourself, to feel into the depths of your being, and to share your inner light.

This inner experiential connection is the source of your power, your wisdom and the well-spring of your conscious creatorship. You are the creator of your life. You can influence and manifest reality according to your choice. Your life does not have to be random, salt and pepper, hit and miss joy. Maintain joy deliberately and refuse out-right to surrender it. Nothing and no-one can take your inner joy from you unless you surrender it to them.

Be a teacher and live your teaching. Have the courage to express your inner joy outwardly as you embrace the challenges of life, and so fulfil your purpose for incarnating at this monumental time in human and universal history. Stop and step out of your busy world. Take time to ground yourself in the ocean of infinite Light and Love. Experience this love deeply; you are love, so let nothing and no-one ever convince you otherwise.

You are perfection choosing to experience imperfection for the joy of the drama. For the drama to be real for you, you have to forget that you are perfect and eternal. Enjoy the games and dramas life offers, but grow more and more aware of your recovering memory: You are perfect love and joy experiencing being separate from Who you really Are. Joy is the key to your awakening. Use your key to unlock your higher awareness and love.

Women of the world, step into your true vocation of being the nurturers of the new world wisdom. You are already this wisdom. Believe you are and become integrated with your higher and wiser self. You create your children from a place of love. Now give birth, consciously, to the nascent and perfect love energies of our new and exciting future reality and awakening.

Men of the world, father through your focused intention and powerful leadership, the new world order of creative love/joy energy. You are the expression in physicality, of the power to originate and manifest thought into reality, our new and currently birthing future.

Believe in yourself. You have so much amazing love and wisdom within just waiting to flow out, to be expressed as love and joy to this world. When we speak of the world, we mean the interaction we each have with other people and our new and wider, deeper connections with the whole of creation.

Nurture your expanding awareness, dear reader. Believe in yourself. Love yourself. Walk lightly and with great joy into a new and delightful future, a future we are all creating with our thoughts and beliefs about what is possible. Burst through your limiting beliefs therefore, and embrace infinite possibility. Dream big and manifest your dreams.

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