With more than 15 years of experience, FutureOn is the birthplace of Xvision, a private investment EXP organization known to be one of the best born in the last two decades, making it an ideal visual construction provider for clients around the world. the world in the underwater world of oil and gas.

Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, FutureOn has an office in Houston, Texas, and they are gaining more and more popularity as they gain more customers around the world.

FutureOn invests in the production of visual programming and computerized software and applications for this industry. "FieldAP," which was their first published article, has been in production for 2.5 years. And then in 2016, a piece of software known as Xvision Software was released as a free effort that summer.

What makes FutureOn special is that your organization has a strong core team and key supporters, all of whom are experienced entrepreneurs and senior experts in the visual framework, advances in programming, and experts in the oil and oil industry. gas.

It is said that everything you know about the life cycle of offshore or offshore oil and gas is no longer the same. Right now, we have a lot smarter, and it’s a highly advanced dual solution known as FutureOn, offered by one of the best EXP groups, FutureOn.

FutureOn has everything you need to succeed today, especially in tomorrow’s oil and gas industry. We can guarantee this because, throughout the entire lifecycle of the field, this significant twin solution works to create and maintain a highly advanced digital twin, which in simpler words can be explained as an exact computerized copy. all information on the physical resources of the oil and gas organization. This is considered ideal nowadays as it allows content producers to drive performance, relevancy, and resource appreciation.

We all already know that early opening up to digitalization is a great incentive for oil and gas organizations that want to ensure efficiency and implementation in markets that have reduced the value of oil.

So why FutureOn? It gives a boost to core data, develops an advanced computerized twin alone, and completely changes the fieldwork.

Wondering what FutureOn is? Fortunately for you, we have the answer. Have you ever wanted to have all your information in your possession easily and easily? Guess what, this is exactly what FutureOn was invented for!

From measurements and statistics, we now know that a very important portion of the data in your organization is still underused or not used at all in the database and other keyframes, making it difficult to manage because of its format or file size.

You should invest in FutureOn, as this truly advanced twin of the internal layout of internal layouts, fields, and functions ensures that your data becomes innovative capital so you can get on the path to wealth.

So in simple words, the advanced and computerized FutureOn is not only a solitary source of truth and accuracy in literally every meeting involved, but it also coordinates IoT sensor data not only for hardware space but also for continuous price monitoring. how well it transmits, the value of production, the location of ships, and other related work of engineers.

FutureOn, by leveraging the visual presentation of team information, is also responsible for simplifying information flows that previously could not be managed properly. It also reduces the operational flow of events as well as the anchoring of data through cloud service security frameworks. Work on proper arrangements, boredom, establishment, and other tasks by combining historical knowledge and artificial intelligence.

In FutureOn, you can use field-based computer replication to digitize field progress, establishment, generation measurements, and marine support hardware support. Finally, FutureOn interacts, forecasts, supports, and monitors equipment maintenance, fieldwork, and production quality.

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FutureOn is a leading provider of digital oilfield software and data visualization solutions. See more of your field and data now, make more opportunities.