If you haven't quite felt like yourself lately, your personal health could be lacking to the point that it's negatively impacting your life. There are lots of simple ways to tell if your health could use some improvement, many of which provide insight not only into the underlying problems, but also the best solutions for fixing them. From fitness trainer in Toronto, Gabriel Patterson, here are five common signs your personal health could use some attention.

1) Skin Issues

Your skin is responsible for many of your body's most important functions, with one of them being the flushing out of toxins through sweat. If your skin is dry or breaking out with acne and blemishes, it's a good sign that something is off. The most common causes of skin issues are an unhealthy diet, hormonal complications, poor hygiene and long-term stress. Dehydration is also responsible for dry skin, so be sure to drink plenty of water each day.

2) Trouble Sleeping

The average adult needs seven to nine hours of sleep each night in order to remain healthy in the long-term. While losing some sleep here and there won't cause any serious issues, a consistent lack of sleep can lead to increased stress, mental health issues, relationship problems and a higher chance of heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. To get more sleep at night, get into a consistent sleep schedule, limit caffeine intake, exercise daily and avoid the use of digital screens before you go to bed.

3) Digestive Problems

Everyone has digestive problems from time to time, but there could be cause for concern if you experience these problems on a regular basis. Heartburn, diarrhea, bloating and stomach cramps are some digestive complications many people struggle with, though most of these conditions can be reduced or eliminated with some simple changes. For better digestion, eat foods that are high in fiber, stay well hydrated at all times, avoid high-fat foods and take a daily probiotic.

4) Snoring

Snoring is something most people overlook as a health concern, due to how common it is and the seemingly harmless nature of it. However, snoring is one of the earliest indicators of sleep apnea. Those who struggle with sleep apnea have a higher risk of experiencing heart complications and strokes. If you think you might have sleep apnea, consult with your doctor. There are lots of effective solutions available for relieving sleep apnea symptoms and keeping you safe as you sleep.

5) Dry Lips

Are you constantly applying lip balm to your lips? Dry lips are a sign of potential vitamin deficiencies. Many people who have dry lips on a constant basis find a lot of relief when they start consuming more vitamin B12. If your body is trying to tell you it's low on vitamin B12 by making your lips dry, it could also be a potential sign of other more serious complications. Vitamin B12 is necessary to fight anemia and keep both your blood and nerve cells functioning at full capacity.

If you're experiencing regular digestive problems, poor sleep, excessive snoring, dry lips or blemished skin, it's important to take steps to correct these issues and get your personal health back on track. By doing so, you'll create healthy habits which will keep you moving in a positive direction in every area of your life.

About Gabriel Patterson:
Gabriel Patterson, originally from Winnipeg, Canada is a certified personal trainer and advocate for a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Gabriel supports his clients as they revamp their health and fitness routines.

Residing in Toronto, Mr. Patterson focuses his efforts on helping his clients rebound from sports-related injuries, build a solid foundation in fitness, and reach new heights.

His passion for living a productive and active lifestyle has led Mr. Patterson to educate his clients about the importance of regular exercise and incorporating a nutrient-dense diet. When he is not supporting his clients to become their best selves, Gabriel Patterson can be found enjoying the culture that Toronto has to offer.

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