With all the different businesses competing for attention and traffic online it is important to take measures that will increase your own competitive edge! Now there are many internet marketing strategies that will help you become more competitive within your niche! The problem with many however is that they either cost money or only offer short term benefits! But for those who are serious about developing a long term profitable business there are 3 'grass roots' strategies that will do the trick!

Uniquely You

Whether it's a particular 'tone' you use with sales copy, a social networking persona you've developed or a blog you maintain use your differences to your advantage! As previously stated the online environment is literally swarming with companies big and small so take what makes you unique to help you become more competitive! Branding is one of the most effective internet marketing strategies you can use to stand out from the masses and is based upon emphasizing uniqueness so people can recognize you more easily!

Get Seen Be Heard

Strangely enough the same 'avenues' you use to establish your uniqueness can serve 'double-time' for you in terms of increasing your exposure! You want to be everywhere like those TV commercials you just can't escape or that damn billboard with the prominent location on the interstate! Be seen! Circulate content, get involved in a few social networking site, hell you can even start your own, it's called a blog! These are all great ways to expand your exposure and impress upon people how unique you really are while also giving them an idea of what you have to offer! Remember every profitable business must first have customers but this only happens if folks know you exist so it's back to that 'exposure' thing we're talking about here! Make an impression but be sure it's a good one!

Don't Give Up

One hit wonders, we're all familiar with some in our lifetimes. You know the ones whether they're singers, athletes or even businesses that made a splash with one successful performance or product! Well to become more competitive online you'll need more than just a sporadic effort to achieve the level of competitiveness needed for long term success! Heck you'll need a sustained effort just to get noticed therefore you must commit to be persistent in your efforts! The more persistent you are the longer lasting your impression will be allowing you to build that long term profitable business you've set out to do!

Always taking strives to increase your competitive edge is critical for anybody trying to develop a profitable business online! Now that commerce in general has 'discovered' the world wide web, it has become increasingly more competitive to get the attention of people! Although there are many internet marketing strategies that can in fact make you more competitive in your field they either cost money or offer only short term benefits! The 3 'grass root' strategies offered above are both cost free and offer the long term advantages you seek and need! Building a profitable business can be done online and is a great way to finally take hold of your own destiny! The only question that remains is are you willing to invest the time and effort?

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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