Algebra studies rules of operations and constructions arising from various concepts such as polynomials, equations and other structures. First and foremost Algebra is not a subject that is irrelevant to common sense. Although much of pure Mathematics is perceived in this light there is a certain rigour about Algebra that is a joy to study. Algebra is never meant to be studied without a purpose. Algebra comes from the Arabic word which actually means ‘reunion of parts’. It can be elementary or abstract but without knowing why it is to be studied one tends to find the subject dry. Elementary Algebra is taught to students who only know basic arithmetic. It is the basis of higher order Mathematics and Mathematical thinking.

It is true that abstract matters cannot be understood easily but this is because we are not aware of the purpose of solving abstract equations and the reason for doing so. Why do we have an abstraction? We tend to deal with abstractions when we think about matters that do not have their corresponding concrete representations. We need to understand the difference between concrete matters and abstract matters. Just because abstraction is not something that has a ready-made abstraction does not mean that there is little truth in it. It is just that we cannot relate to it the same way we relate to thinking about ordinary events or matters.

Many aspects of life and the universe at large are in the dark as far as human understanding is concerned and therefore simple language or usual routes of thinking cannot give us answers. We therefore need a consistent system which can help us comprehend complex generalities. Algebra is one such system. Teaching subjects without given their raison d etre will not help students in the long run. Although it is a general hypothesis that reasons have to be given mainly to adults as to why they need to study, it is imperative that we explain to children as well the reasons for studying Algebra. Andragogy and Pedagogy do share similarities in that only when the purpose of studying a concept is clearly determined will we be able to remember what we study in the long run. Reinforcement and purpose go hand in hand. Studying Algebra can give learners this experience. It is a popular subject online as with clarifications of doubts and vibrant discussions you will gain facility over Algebra which you will later cherish.

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