Gratitude is the best attitude. ~Author Unknown
If you want to turn your life around, try thankfulness. It will change your life mightily. ~Gerald Good

There's a recession going on for any of those who have found themselves living in America for the past several years. Heck, everyone knows there's a recession going on in several countries in the world.

For Americans, there is the ideology that we must always have more, more, more. It's the “me” generation. We “must keep up with the Jones', so we think. The economy is so bad right now, it's hard enough to keep our head above water, much less strive to keep up with those that are more fortunate.

All that said, it seems that it might be even more difficult to summon up the gumption to gain an attitude of gratitude. Remember the Law of Cause and Effect? Remember the saying, “We reap what we sow”? Well, when we choose to gain gratitude and express that gratitude, even for the smallest blessing, we will see that Law and that sowing come to full fruition. We always get back what we give out. Always.

What we think about consistently and believe in our deepest soul is what we will see manifest itself in our world. Therefore, consistently being thankful for the positives will consistently create more positives in our lives.

What are some things we can be thankful for on a daily basis? The fact that we wake up every day is a good start.

Some people may believe the alternative is better. That's totally subjective – we know this. We most often have at least one person that we mean the world to. How awesome is that? We can look around us and see some kind of beauty in the natural world surrounding us – beautiful, fragrant, colorful flowers, the cheerful chirps of birds singing in the trees, babies laughing or kids playing, oblivious to all the ills of the world. These are just a few of the things we can be grateful for.

Sometimes, when we are so overwhelmed with the difficulties we are going through, it's really hard to conjure up positive thoughts or reasons we have to be grateful. One of the simplest things we can do is get a small note pad that we can carry around with us and every time we think of something to be grateful for, we can jot it down. Each day we do this, we can add one more thing to our list.

Sometimes, we may have to write the same thing twice, just so that the next day, it will jog our memory for one more instance of gratitude.

There is another saying that goes, “We do not see the world as it is, but as we are.” That's one of the biggest truths around. Changing our thoughts, slanting our perspective, pondering the positives – all these will make our world a much better place for which to be grateful.

Author's Bio: 

Lene' has 30+ years of life experience in the Self-Realization field. From becoming a Peer Counselor as a High School Senior to staffing an experiential self-knowledge seminar in Phoenix, called Omega Vector. She has worked as a speaker/facilitator for support groups (Al-Anon, CoDa, Parents Anonymous and Women Who Love Too Much), sharing relationship techniques with others as well as helping them find ways to build higher self-esteem and empowerment.

Lene' wrote a book in 2001, which is now self-published, called Reality in Disguise. It speaks of the strength of the human spirit and is based on her life. She just completed a second book, which will be published soon online as an ebook. It is about the "rememberings"/awarenesses of who she truly is and the lessons she has learned through her journey in this life.
She is a freelance writer, motivational speaker, peer counselor and student of the higher consciousness movement.

Her goal and desire here is to reach out and help or share with anyone that needs a listening ear or a bit of guidance. If the need is just for someone who can empathize and understand where they're coming from, she can do that, too!

Lene' is working on creating her own business so that her awarenesses and realizations can benefit others locally as well as nationally and internationally.

Thank you, bless you and may your deepest dreams and most positive goals manifest themselves in your life! You create your universe with your thoughts, so let the manifesting begin!