Galvanic Corrosion Occurrences and Prevention refers to the process of preventing metal or alloy affected by corrosion.
Galvanic Corrosion is an electrochemical process which refers to corrosion damage occurs when two dissimilar materials are integrated into a corrosive electrolyte. Galvanic Corrosion occurs when a metal or alloy is electrically coupled to a different metal or alloy. Dissimilar metals and alloys have different electrode potentials. When a galvanic couple form or more than one metals come into contact with an electrolyte, one metal acts as an anode and the other as a cathode.

The pair of the anode (Negative terminals) and cathode (Positive terminals) creates a galvanic cell.

Identifying Galvanic Corrosion:
Scratches in a metal surface
A leak on an aluminum-hulled vessels
Blistered or peeling paintwork
Corrosion occurs in corrugated iron
Differential stresses in a metal
Difference in temperature
Conductive deposits
Galvanic Cell


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