Game based learning is a medium of imparting learning through the use of smartly designed game applications on mobiles and internet. This is basically designed balancing the subject matter training with game play, so that learners/players can learn as well as apply the knowledge gained in real world situations. Friedrich Schiller had remarked in his famous essay, “humans are only fully humans when they play”, this might be the root behind game based learning initiatives.

Learning does not just mean memorization, rather it involves the entire process of acquiring skills needed to respond aptly according to the need of the situation. Games have a fantasy element, as a result of which, players can be engaged in a learning activity through narrative. Performance based training is accomplished through games, and that is both motivating as well as effective.

Mobile learning or m-learning refers to educational training delivered via mobile based m-learning applications. M-learning hardware comprises not only conventional mobile phones, but also includes net books, tablets, hand held PCs etc. This kind of learning integrates education to the daily life of individuals, enabling it to be more authentic and long lasting. Moreover, one has the luxury of learning-on-the-move, so that means learning no more needs long hours inside classrooms listening to boring lectures. Game based learning can be accessed via various m-learning devices from anywhere at anytime as per the user's convenience.

This novel approach of learning benefits not only learners but educators as well, by extending the limits of their classrooms and removing physical boundaries. Education is not a rich man's luxury any more; use of cloud based m-learning applications ensures that anybody present in any part of the globe can gain access to the vast world of knowledge just at the touch of a button.

One more advantage offered by game based learning and an m-learning application is that it is not dictated by any fixed curriculum. One can learn about any subject at any time from anywhere using the application, he finds most entertaining and useful at the same time. Working people can also learn new skills at their own convenient timings and ride up on the career ladder.

There are many parts of the world, which still lack the basic infrastructure like good schools and colleges. People of such areas can gain access to education, via m-learning applications if successful collaborations are planned between the e-learning providers and the administration of the region.

M-learning applications provide an interactive platform to the educators and the learners alike, enabling learning to become an exciting experience. Exchange of information definitely adds to the knowledge, without the boredom associated with rote learning or prescribed textbook oriented education.

In a nutshell, it can be said that game-based learning has allowed unveiling new frontiers in the field of education, making it more flexible, entertaining, and lively. Learning can now go beyond geographical barriers and reach anybody, who has an inclination to learn and has a mobile in hand.

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Gireesh Sharma is an author writing on Human Resource Management.His expertise includes Game based learning, mobile learning and other Learning & Development matters.