Entertainment takes many forms and is one of the most essential things in life. Some people go for a walk while others watch the television. The more active ones play games in their free time. One of the popular games we have it netball. This began in the 1890s and resembles basketball because it is derived from its early versions.

Netball Court Dimensions and Play-

The netball court is rectangular with raised rings that serve as goals. The uniform varies but the equipment consists of netball and doesn’t change. You can get one from a Netball Manufacturer by going online and ordering it. The game that has seven players for each team in the court.

Each team scores goals and a team that scores more goals wins. A goal is scored when a player positioned inside the shooting circle passes the ball through the raised hoop. These rings are 15 inches in diameter and raised 10 feet above the ground. The shooting circle is 16 feet diameter semicircle around the raised ring. The court is 100 feet long and 50 feet wide. Each game consists of 4 quarters of 15 minutes each.

Position Play on Court -

Players play from specific positions on the court. All players wear bibs indicating their position. They cannot move away from this position. This means only players in two positions can shoot goals. This also means that only two positions can defend. All other players will remain in the rest of the court. When the umpire blows the whistle to signal the start of the game, four players from each team can move up to receive the ball. You can order your netball equipment and dresses from the Netball Exporter in your neighborhood.

After you shoot a goal and whenever a quarter begins, the player in center position passes the ball from the center of the court. This first pass alternates between the teams irrespective of which team scores the goal. A player must release the ball before three seconds are up. Else, the other team gets the ball. The ball is moved up the court by passing between the players. A player must touch the ball in each third of the court.

Touching and distances to maintain -

Players may touch another if it does not impede the movement of the other player. When defending or passing the ball, a player must remain at least 35 inches away from the person with the ball. Holding the ball in two hands is illegal. If an illegal touch is made or a person holds the ball in two hands, then the opposite team gets a penalty throw. Until that person takes and completes the throw, the players from the opposing team must not touch the ball. If a player drops the ball, unless it bounces off the goal post, he or she may not touch the ball until another person has touched it.

We have indoor variations of this game. Here the game is much faster because the ball never goes out of play. There is a six-a-side variation where the center in each team is allowed to cover the entire court.

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