Topping the list of common games, Rugby is an exciting and tough game that attracts lot of interest among the people. A rugby team consists of 15 players that enter the pitch and 7-8 players who remain on the sidelines as substitutes.

How to play rugby? -

The game is played on a rectangular field that has two H-shaped goals at the try line. A game lasts for 80 minutes and each team attempts to score more goals by converting tries and scoring goals. The game starts with one team drop-kicking the ball from the halfline. They move the ball on the field by carrying it or by kicking it. Players from the opposite team attempt to stop the players carrying the ball by tackling them. You can only tackle a player who is carrying a ball.

Rugby team gear and uniforms -

All the team members in a rugby union wear rugby uniforms. These are manufactured by the sports uniform maker. The design for the sports uniform is decided by the coach and the dress is stitched in the team’s colors. It is important to choose a tough material to stitch the uniform. The players pull and tug at each other and so the dress will undergo great amount of stress. If it is not stitched strong, it will come apart and will not last the season.

Other things important for a rugby game include padding, boots, helmet, and a ball. There are four types of rugby balls available with most sports goods suppliers. These are cheap rugby balls, kids’ rugby balls, mini rugby balls, and foam rugby balls. Depending on your level of gameplay, you must choose the ball. You can get more details from the Rugby Ball Manufacturer.

A rugby ball weighs 14-16 ounces (410-460 gram) and has a circumference of 410-752 mm. The length is 160-285 mm and it is inflated to 9.5-10.0 psi. To be specific, the size 5 rugby ball has a length of 280-300 mm with a length circumference of 740-770 mm and 580-620 width circumference. This is known as the international size used in most international games. The ball has four panels.

Types of kicks -

Attacking kicks are used to overcome opposition especially when they are out of position. We have many types of attacking kicks - box kick, up and under, chip kick, crossfield kick, and grubber. The high punt is a up and under kick. It gives everyone a good chance to compete for the ball. This is just like box kicks but the scrum-half kicks it. It occurs when a maul, ruck, line-out, or scrum occurs near the touchline. They kick the ball high and parallel to the touchline. And the wingers chase it.

Choose one of the reputed Rugby Ball Suppliers so you are assured of good quality. Choose three or four suppliers and pick the one that gives you the best rates. When a player kicks the ball along the ground we call it a grubber. The ball does not travel smoothly, it bounces and twists and turns so it makes it difficult for the defense to catch. The Crossfield kick is easier to see. The ball gets kicked from one touchline to the other.

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