What is the most important part of any team game? The uniform! Of course, players are most important along with coaches and a manager in a team. But, a team’s color binds a team together. It lays the foundation on which a team operates - it forms a spirit of unity and an inspiration for great team play.

Soccer Ball Size
We call soccer football everywhere but in America. The game occurs between two teams of eleven players each using a ball 22 cm in size. For developing footwork and ball control, one may use a ball measuring 18-20 inches in diameter. Ball size 23-26 inches is for 8-12-year-olds. For a normal game played by adults, the ball will be 27-28 inches (22 cm).

Origin of Soccer in the United States
People think soccer entered the United States through Ellis Island in the 1860s. But, there are some who argue that it came through New Orleans; the immigrants from Scotland, Ireland, Germany, and England brought it with them. The game originally seems to have developed in Rome, China, Greece, or Egypt. Oneida Football club is the first association football club in the United States. They reportedly invented the ‘Boston Game’ where a player can kick the ball or pick it up and run.

Making of the Uniform
We make the soccer jersey and shorts from tough material usually made of moisture-wicking polyester. The other choices are double knit polyester, mesh polyester, air knit polyester, and polyester cotton. Cotton is not a popular choice because it absorbs moisture and so it will become heavy when it absorbs sweat. You can get the exact details by emailing the Soccer Jersey Manufacturers and telling them your specifications.

Different Types of Material for the Uniform

Moisture-wicking polyester: This is the best material for use in an outdoor game that has lots of sweating. This sweat will run off instead of getting absorbed due to wicking. The moisture that wicks away from the skin evaporates cooling the skin.

Double knit polyester: This material is heavy, tightly woven and not breathable. We use it mainly for making baseball pants. Some people wear it as a type of fashionable jersey and they are not bothered by the breathability issue.

Mesh polyester: This is heavyweight shiny fabric, very breathable and light. You also have another mesh knit that is not shiny but is breathable and comfortable, especially in warm conditions.

Poly-cotton material: This is a cotton blend smooth woven material. It does not have moisture wicking properties and so it is not a choice for outdoor sportsmen. It is breathable and so it finds a use for baseball, softball, girls lacrosse, and field hockey.

Power mesh: this flat-back mesh knit is of polyester. It has moisture wicking nature and a soft feel. It is stain resistant and anti-microbial.

In the final essay, American soccer is a game for all seasons. The team that puts the ball into the opposing team’s goal more often is the winner. Use of bright soccer uniforms make spectators support the team and that is very important.

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