People that have pools are often going to have pool parties. This is why most people acquire pools. They want to entertain. They have a desire to have friends over that they can play games with the inside of the pool. That is why most homeowners are going to be in search of a pool. They want to give guests a chance to engage in outdoor activities while they are having a pool party during the summer months.

Marco Polo

One of the more popular games for people that have pools is Marco Polo. This is essentially a game where people can play as their eyes are closed and they search for someone else that is trying to stay away from the person that is in search of them. People that are playing Marco Polo will typically have one person that is moving away from the person that is calling Marco Polo. At times people may play with a ball or some other type of product. The object is for the person that cannot see them is to find the person just from the sound of their voice alone.


It is also not uncommon for people that are in a pool to get a game of volleyball going. This is obviously going to take a little longer because it requires a net to get set up. Once you have the net and the ball in place, however, you have the ability to get teams in place that can be spaced out if the pool is big enough.

Watermelon Push Relay

There is a desire that many people have to acquire pool loans because they want to play these types of games. If you have the ability to acquire a pool you can play other games like watermelon push relay. This is a game that allows people to push a watermelon down the line at the fastest speed they can without dropping it. This is something where they can race against others that are doing the exact same thing at the other end of the pool. This is a game where there's a chain link of people that are standing in a row. Unlike volleyball that requires everyone to be spaced out, the watermelon push relay allows you to get many people inside of the pool that are close together. Someone needs to be close to someone else in order to receive the watermelon that is being passed down. That is the benefit of playing a game like this. If the pool is not very big it makes sense to have more people that are closer together. If you are playing a game like volleyball, however, you are going to need a big pool to space your time out.

Breathing Underwater Games

Simple games that do not require any type of ball can be as simple as breathing underwater. There are some people that can hold their nose and breathe underwater for large amounts of time. If you have friends that can do this it can be a very impressive game to play because it requires endurance. It does not require anything but your ability to stay underwater for a longer than normal time frame.


Something else that does not require anything more than endurance is racing. This is something that can be done with a number of people or a group of people. It all depends on the size of the pool. If there are a lot of people in your pool area it easier to break things down with the groups of two. You may have a better chance of getting multiple people to race all at one time with smaller groups.

Relay Games / Diving Games

Swimming can be a vigorous exercise, but it can also be a lot of fun if you incorporate relay teams into the process of playing games. You have the ability to create teams that dive from diving boards and swim from one end to the other. They can be part of a team where people are rated on the uniqueness of their dive. You want to have the ability to create games where people can be unique while still working as a team.

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