Indulgence in games such as Internet games or video games could lead to gaming addiction. This is one of the most common addictions found in younger age groups especially teens. Gaming addiction can become a big obstacle in the healthy development of a child or a teen.

There are different types of games to which children, teens and even adults get addicted to. Some of them are:

Internet gaming addiction- People start Internet games for fun and later get hooked to it and get consequently develop an addiction to it. Easy access to Internet games adds to this problem. It is so easy to play various Internet games with lots of people all over the world at any time. Children start ignoring relation with their parents and give utmost important to Internet Games.

Video Game Addiction- Video games have emerged as a compulsion to a vast audience through out the world. It is a complex, detailed obsession, which is growing like an epidemic. Video games offer better graphics, more realistic characters, and greater strategic challenges now days. These features attract teens and they get hooked with it. Kids start devoting a lot of time on video games on Playstation, Xbox, Wii, PC or any other computer.

Offline Computer Gaming Addiction- Other type of games leading to addiction is offline computer games or PC games. Kids start them to pass time and slowly get addicted.

Symptoms of Gaming Addiction

A gaming addicted could be identified by following symptoms-

Some gaming addicts are more concerned about games rather than life.
They start playing for hours without being aware of how much time they are spending on the game.
They start ignoring daily activities.
They start avoiding social life.
There is a visible change in the gaming addict’s weight.
They develop disrupt sleep patterns or sleep deprivation.
They become preoccupied with only games of their choice.
They loose control over the time spent over games and urge to play games.
They play to avoid problems of life.
They feel uncomfortable about their gaming and try to hide it.
They start misusing money foe fulfilling their gaming addition.
They suffer adverse effect on other areas of their life such as school, collage and work.
They start defending their gaming habits by making excuses to play.

Causes of Gaming Addiction

Some games have built-in reward systems, which attract people to these games. Other reason leading to gaming addictions are mental health problems. People get addicted to games to satisfy their psychological needs. Later they continue for rewards, freedom, and a connection to other players.

Management of Gaming Addiction

A gaming addict needs not only family support but also medical treatment in some cases. Some gamers need psychological treatment to get rid of mental health problems, which are root causes of gaming addiction.

It is not easy to control the urge of playing games, thus a gaming addict needs support from family and friends to get rid of this addiction. An addict should try to restrict the use of computer or video games. Addict as well as his or her family should monitor the time spent on games and try to restrict it to a healthy span.

An addict should try to indulge in other activities for relaxation and enjoyment and try to avoid games. Games, which are addictive in nature, should be blocked to ensure that an addict is not getting any access to them.

Patients with gaming addiction may be suffering from other problems such as social phobia, low self-esteem or victim of bullying. They should try to avail psychological therapies to curb out these problems. Addicts should try to spend time with family and friends. They should seek professional help to get rid of gaming addiction.
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