Release form, composition

Release the drug in the form of tablets, which are corked in blisters, 10-100 pieces each, packed in carton, 10 blisters each.


Before using the drug, pay attention to the composition in order to extract side effects from the body’s reactions, which worsen the patient’s state of health, therefore there are contraindications that do not recommend using the agent, namely, it is an increased hypersensitivity, after which side effects occur. effects such as allergic reactions.

Period of pregnancy and breastfeeding

Before you start using this drug for pregnant or lactating moms, you must consider the risks that may appear after the start of use, and they may adversely affect the health of your baby and the health of the mother. Therefore, read the composition, but before that contact a specialist for advice on the application. Find more at the

Mode of application

Each patient has his own individual approach to treatment, to the dosage of the drug, so the patient goes to his attending specialist before use so that he prescribes the number of medications so that the patient after treatment can improve his health and cure the disease.

The usual dosage for the use of the drug was fixed: this drug is prescribed for use in the dosage half an hour before meals, 1-2 g of the drug per day - children from 1 to 3 years; 2-3 g per day - children from 4 to 6 years; 3 g per day - children from 7 years; 3-3.75 g per day - adults.


Symptomatology, which was observed when using the drug in a higher dosage than recommended by the attending specialist: there is an increase in the side effects of the body on the ingredients in the composition.

Adverse reactions

At the beginning of use for the treatment of a drug, as with the use of all other possible drugs, the body's side effects on the components that make up the drug are fixed. Patients had such negative symptoms after using the medication: allergic reactions (rash on skin areas, skin itching, anaphylactic shock, urticaria, shortness of breath, respiratory depression), insomnia, nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, fatigue.

Storage conditions

In order to preserve this medicinal product, it is not necessary to fulfill special storage conditions, it is necessary to follow only this: the temperature does not exceed more than +25 ° C, it is a very dark place, it must be very dry and children should not have access to it place.

The shelf life of this drug is not more than 36 months from the date of use.

In pharmacies, you can purchase the drug only if you provide a prescription to the pharmacist from your healthcare professional.

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