Gardening is definitely one of the most enjoyable hobbies in the world. A lot of people take it up because of the joy and sense of accomplishment that is brought about by a beautiful and well-tended garden. However, reaching this goal is not as simple as planting any type of seed wherever one might like. It’s actually quite a complicated process that involves a lot of crucial factors such as soil type, geographic location, water availability, the climate, and so on. Described below are the three basic types of gardens and a quick description of each that will hopefully be of assistance for first-time gardeners in deciding what kind of garden they’d like to have.

Colorful Blossoms

A lot of folks desire gardens that possess high aesthetic value and that are full of color and character. For these type of gardeners, the best option would be flower gardens. Perennial flowering shrubs are a great choice for those who want their gardens to blossoms all year round. However, it is necessary to do some research first before selecting the type of flowers as different types of perennial plants will require varying living conditions. Some will only grow in certain climates while others will not flourish unless their planted in a specific type of soil. However, the good part about perennial flowers is that they require minimum care and one will only need to prepare that beds and the soil during the planting stage.

Healthy Vegetation

Another popular choice among gardening aficionados are vegetable gardens. Aside from providing a lush green garden display, gardeners are also able to literally reap what they sow. They can choose to plant vegetables such as tomatoes, lettuce, or cabbage, which can be harvested after a few months and easily become part of the dinner table. However, one will also need to do some research regarding vegetable plants because not all veggies grow well all year round. It is necessary to learn the growing seasons of the vegetables one might choose to plant in order to ensure optimum growth. As with flowers, vegetable gardens also do not require a great deal of maintenance which means gardeners will not be spending too much time tending the plants.

Fruitful Gardens

Among the three, fruit gardens are probably the most difficult to deal with. Planting fruits is not as simple as growing vegetables as this requires a considerable amount of maintenance. In order to flourish, fruit bearing trees will require a specific type of soil, the right amount of water, sufficient sunlight, and so on. Gardeners will also need to purchase certain types of fertilizers to add to the soil when the trees begin bearing fruits. Insects and pests will also become a challenge as these creatures are more attracted to the fruits and flowers of fruit bearing trees. The pesticide chosen should strike a balance between effectively ridding the garden of these harmful pests while not causing any damage for the fruits and those who will be consuming them.

Gardening is truly a pleasurable hobby and so long as one is able to understand the basics of the type of garden he intends to grow, he should be able to enjoy the fruits of his labor in no time.

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