Have you tried taking garlic for the flu? People have been using this natural antiviral herb for centuries to treat a wide variety of ailments. This healthful little bulb is readily available at any grocery store, easy to use, and tastes great.

Health Benefits Of Garlic

The ancient Greeks used it to treat snakebites and get rid of internal parasites. The Chinese treated digestive problems and colds with this herb. People all around the world have relied on this herb for hundreds of years to keep them healthy.

This bulb is a true superfood. It can help to lower cholesterol, and control high blood pressure. It also has antibacterial and antifungal properties as well. Did you know that it can even fight yeast infections?

Now a recent study has shown than taking a garlic supplement every day for 12 weeks can boost your immune system, and cut your risk of catching a cold or the flu in half. And if the bug does manage to bite, you'll recover much faster.

Allicin, A Magic Bullet

What makes garlic for the flu so potent? The magic ingredient is allicin. This is the compound that gives this little bulb its pungent flavor. More importantly, allicin is responsible for all the healthful benefits that this member of the onion family is known for.

Herbalists recommend eating this small bulb raw, for the highest levels of allicin, as it breaks down during the cooking process. But most people shy away from this advice, as eating it raw can be hard on both your social life, and your stomach. Is there any alternative to bad breath and an upset tummy?

Yes, you have two choices. The first is to take a daily supplement. This is an easy and more socially acceptable way to get all the health benefits of garlic without becoming a social pariah. Plus it's easier on a sensitive digestive system.

You can also add this versatile herb to your cooking as well. To keep those allicin levels higher in your finished dish, crush the bulb, and let it stand for ten minutes before adding it to the pot.

One thing to keep in mind is that this herb is also a powerful anticoagulant. Avoid taking supplements if you take blood thinners, or if you're pregnant, as it can encourage bleeding. Stop taking it at least two weeks before any scheduled surgery, too.

Looking for an easy way to get safely through flu season? This natural antiviral may be just what you need.

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