Before starting his own company, Garrett Atkins worked in the mortgage industry and was earning a decent living. While still employed, he realized that the story sharing sector, which wasn't very popular at that time, was going to be big. 

He now owns Vie Media, a company that helps businesses that are starting up. He also focuses on several aspects like social media marketing, web designing, and Search engine optimization, among others.

Garrett Atkins: getting success through your message 

Most people fear to share their stories, especially on the internet. The fear of being judged or misunderstood is always more significant, and it prevents many from taking the leap of faith and sharing what they have been through. Garrett Atkins is one of the few people who uses his story as a source of motivation. He has a different perception when it comes to sharing your story online. He knows that past experiences are powerful tools that, when shared, can inspire others.

Garrett Atkins' tips for brand building

Apart from relating to others, sharing your message can help enhance the success of your brand. You need to know how to portray that message. Garrett knows how to make his stories compelling, and that is part of the reasons why they go viral. He has mastered the art of bringing out his followers' emotions through what he shares with them. This prompts readers and viewers to react and thus, creates the desired impact. 

Garrett also knows how to bring out a unique perspective through his experiences. He may have gone through similar experiences with others, but the way he portrays them brings out a unique aspect. When he shares his story, his main objective is to motivate and inspire. One thing that drives him to share every time is that he wants someone else to learn from what he went through. He also tries to get people to have the same courage he has so that they can also share their stories. Garrett has a passion that he expresses through his messages.

Although sharing his messages may seem like an easy thing, Garrett doesn't find it very simple. He practices through his regular conversations with others to determine which points come out strong and causes others to act. This is also why he manages to tailor his messages in a way that is understandable to many. He also strategizes when it comes to choosing the mode that he uses to share his messages. Garrett only picks methods that he knows are attractive and will drive people to take action.

Garrett Atkins advice on message sharing

Garrett advises those who want to venture into message sharing to choose a topic that acceptable to many. He also encourages those who are interested in avoiding sharing facts only but instead focus on bringing out the emotions of the readers. Producing that message and using the best modes of distribution is also essential.

The Final Message

Garrett Atkins understands clearly that he is in total control of the decisions he makes and that he could really achieve the goals that he sets for himself because he has faith that he could execute the things he puts his mind to. That’s one thing that people tend to often overlook because of course it’s something that we hear over and over again. That you can achieve whatever it is that you set your mind to. Still, people need to understand that it’s completely true.  

You have to overcome any fear that is holding you back and just put your passion into it. You can also help others even as you build your brand and make a fortune.

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