A popular means of conveyance in the modern times, especially for the kids, teenagers, students, and senior citizens, gas scooters have come a long way during the last ninety years and more. Gas scooters today are not only one of the cheapest way of convenience but also fashionable and trendy. Functional, convenient and cheap, they are highly popular in the buyer’s circles.

The Beginning

It all started way back in 1921, when the first patent for scooters was obtained.
After the first attempt the next development was Razor scooters that became immediately highly popular.
It was Gino Tasi in Shanghai who further developed it that triggered off the popularity for motor scooters all over the world and especially in the western world.
Before the gas scooter productions and their marketing took a jumpstart in 1950 there were already over 110,000 gas scooters moving along the roads in Italy alone.
Vespa-Douglas Corporation in United Kingdom brought up their first gas scooter more than 50 years ago and it was an instant hit in the market. Not only it caught the imagination of buyers but also saved the company from the imminent financial disaster it was facing at that time.
During the 1950s; Vespa alone sold over 125,000 gas powered scooters in Great Britain. Gas scarcity prevalent at that time helped the development of gas scooters business to a great extent.

1960s and Aftermath

The aftermath of 1960s further escalated the popularity of the gas scooters in Italy, France, and England and all over the Europe and started making its presence in United States as well. Popularity of the vehicle in France was so great that there were over one million such scooters on the road there by the 1970s.

1980 to 2000

During the period from 1980s to 2000 many countries started making their own models of gas scooters. Germany tried larger sized ones but that was not very popular. People still liked the small and crafty ones with low gas consumption that were mostly made in France and Italy.

Many reasons cropped up contributing further to the growing popularity in the current decade and that is another story.

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