In today’s fast-paced world, everyone believes that ‘time is money’. People have everything; what they do not have is time. And time is one of the most important factors when it comes to traveling. Whether it is for a luxury trip with the family or an official business trip, the first thing that has to be considered is the time constraint. Least possible time is to be invested in the traveling process. And to travel great distances in short span of time, there is no better alternative than flights. It just takes few hours to travel from one city to another and even from one continent to another.

Luxury class flying with Skylux Travel

As we all know that there are three classes in flights – economy class, business class and first class. While economy class fares are the cheapest, business class and first class are considered as luxury class and the prices of tickets for them are quite high as well. There are many online flight booking portals which deal exclusively with luxury class flights – Skylux Travel is a prominent name in this category. While booking their business class and first class flights via the portal, customers can avail high-end personalized services on round the clock basis. With excellent deals and discounts on business class and first class flight tickets, it is possible to save good amounts of money.

Experienced travel managers help in looking for the best flight at the cheapest rates

This is a very interesting thing that separates Skylux Travel from many online flight booking portals on the web. Flight booking is like a cakewalk at Skylux. Customers just need to make a phone call to the travel agent and place his flight requirements and state his budget. Rest of the job is handled by the travel managers. They look up the complete inventory of flights and match with the client requirements. They look for the best airlines and best flights at the most affordable rates. Along with making flight bookings, travel managers also ensure that you have the smoothest of travel experiences by helping in making other arrangements like car rental services, booking hotel, etc.

Pay less – fly luxuriously with attractive deals and discounts with Skylux Travel

Checking out the various deals and discounts offered by Skylux Travel will surprise customers to no end. It is possible to save almost 60%-77% on business class and first class flights. For some routes and airlines, there are offers of 2-in-1 flying as well – it means that at the cost of one ticket, two people will be able to fly. Such discounts can be availed while flight bookings are done via calling up the travel managers of Skylux Travel. The online flight booking portal has collaborations with almost all the leading airlines of the world for domestic as well as international flights.

Excellent travel management services by Skylux Travel

Travel management services offered by Skylux Travel are excellent. Upgradation from economy class to business class and from business class to economy class is possible at Skylux without any hassles. Customers making last-minute reservations get flight bookings just few hours before the departure with emergency adjustments. Customized itinerary constructions are designed and tailor-made arrangements can be done for the convenience of the customers. For overbooked flights, priority confirmation is done thus making waitlist clearance. Great arrangements are made for hotel booking and car hire services as well.

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