Being seated comfortably is important for several reasons. Support, medical, preventive care and the simple pleasure of just being comfortable. gel seat cushions are a unique seat cushion which is made from high tech, state-of-the- art, seat cushioning material, Wondergel and Intelligel. These gels are uniquely different and superior to other technologies used in the industry.

Why Gel Seat Cushions Are Superior

Gel seat cushions are recommended by health professionals and are a healthy option for sitting. The cushions can be rolled up allowing the users to take them anywhere, whether a ball game or a picnic or long trips in the vehicle. There are different cushions, such as for office chairs, which help the worker sit comfortably for long periods, focusing more on the work at hand and achieving higher performance. The custom seat cushions support the lower spine, eliminating lower back and coccyx pain.

Many seat cushions are made from foam, water, air or springs and operate under the principle of physics called the "spring constant law". What this simply refers to is that the weight of your body pushes on the cushion and the cushion pushes back at you at an equal and opposite reaction. This creates pressure points and therefore discomfort. The reason why gel cushions are superior is that there are no pressure points created as with the traditional types of cushions and optimal comfort is achieved.

Miracle Cushion gel cushions are custom seat cushions that operate under a different principle called "column buckling". The materials and the design of the cushions are unique in formula and structure and do no push back. This means no uncomfortable pressure points providing comfort even sitting for long periods on hard surfaces. With this unique design the gel columns "buckle" under the person's weight. This creates a nearly zero pressure point seat. Additionally, no "push back" means blood flow in the users bottom and upper legs are not constricted allowing the blood to flow naturally, making even more comfort.

The advantage of gel seat cushions is that you are able to sit comfortably for hours longer. The cushions are long lasting and durable and will never lose their shape. They are also easy to clean and can easily be spot cleaned with a damp cloth. The gel cushions are therapeutic and are used to help ward off medical conditions such as lower back pain. Many conditions such as hemorrhoids,Coccyx and back pain can be relieved with the cushions.

Gel cushions are referred to as the comfort among cushioning, relieving pressure, adding comfort, and relieving fatigue. For people with health problems and for those that like comfort, the custom gel cushion is the perfect solution as it is therapeutic and helps to relieve uncomfortable medical conditions.

Miracle Cushion is one of the very few authorized distributors of Intelli-gel and Wondergel seat cushions.

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