A good mattress contributes to your back health, relieves fatigue, and gives comfort with relaxation. The diversity of the market is filled with products that offer the latest technologies and developments. Two of the innovative fillers used in modern production are memory foam or, and hybrid. Which of them suits your needs? In this review, you will find out characteristics for both of the products, their benefits and drawbacks. It is up to you what to choose.

Gel Memory Foam: characteristics, pros and cons

Innovative development of materials, production technologies are arising in the military, space industry, and medicine. In the future, they can be integrated into consumer goods. Memory foam was created for space needs in the 1970s by NASA developers in order to reduce the pressure on the body of astronauts.

The Swedish company Tempur-Pedic became interested in this material and production technology. Therefore, it introduced their cutting-edge developments as a filler for mattresses and pillows with orthopedic effect for medical institutions. Now, it has many names like memory foam, smart foam, ortho-foam, tempura, and so on. It is used in the assortment line of many factories, which produce items for sleeping.

This kind guarantees its owners the most comfortable, sound and healthy sleep. Therefore, they become more popular among buyers despite the fact that they have appeared on the market relatively not so long ago. In this review, you will see the major features, as well as the main advantages and disadvantages of such products.

The distinguishing feature of this product is that it can be spring or springless, which is filled with elastic memorform. It is used in the manufacture of mattresses as a surface layer, which is located on a basis. The foam itself, despite being an artificial material, is completely safe and harmless. It has hypoallergenic qualities, hygroscopicity, and elasticity. Thanks to its high elastic qualities, the foam has begun to be widely used in the production of mattresses, although it was originally created for different purposes.

Now, let us consider the main pros and cons of foam with a memory function, and at the same time find out what their harm and benefits are:

  • A feature to take on any body’s shape;
  • An ability to withstand heavy loads up to 200 kg;
  • Hygroscopicity and hypoallergenic qualities;
  • A prolonged period of utilization;
  • Antibacterial effect. Since the foam refers to artificial materials, it does not provide a favorable environment for pests and various types of fungi;
  • High breathability, preventing sweating whilst sleeping;
  • Heat-insulating qualities. It is quite comfortable to sleep on cold winter nights.

Like any other product, memory foams have their drawbacks. Consumers usually refer to the following issues:

  • Unpleasant odor which, however, disappears a few weeks after the purchase of the product;
  • Getting used to it is not that easy. Out of habit, such a product at first may seem way too firm, and it will be uncomfortable to sleep on it;
  • High cost. Validated brand products can be costly sometimes.

Memory foam is created especially for those who suffer from pain in the vertebra, joints, and lower back. They are also in great demand among athletes and people living a healthy and active lifestyle. Also, elderly people who take care of their health, decide on them. Besides, for children and adolescents, memory mattresses are not recommended. It is because their skeletal system just began forming. That is, they need more rigid ones.

Hybrid Mattress: characteristics, pros, and cons

Currently, the hybrid mattresses are selling like hotcakes. By its name, it is clear that it consists of several materials at once: here are latex, foam, and gel. And it feels like good old spring mattresses.

There are several classifications of mattresses. Hybrid belongs to the spring category, although the rest of the materials play by no means the least role. Additional layers of foam and latex are designed to improve cushioning. The ratio of springs and foam is not 50 to 50, as it might seem at first. The upper layers are not as wide as the lower.

However, the thickness of any layer and the amount of material directly depends on the cost of the item. By the way, the concept of a ‘hybrid’ does not have a clear framework. That is, sometimes it is hard to say for sure whether such a mattress or the most ordinary one is in front of you. The fact is that any modern spring one has additional upper layers. However, in the hybrid one, these layers are somewhat thicker.

The hybrid seems more resilient, and, at the same time comfortable. The middle part of it is denser and harder, and the upper layers soften the whole construction. Many customers complain that while sleeping on a mattress made of special material it gets pretty heated up. Also, changing position on it is not so easy. You need to make a little effort to roll over.

Classic versions usually do not produce any heat and easier to roll over on. However, on the springs, you feel all the movements of your partner. On a gel mattress, these vibrations are softened, and no one's sleep is disturbed. In addition, an inexpensive spring one will not provide the comfort that other materials promise. Being even in the low price category, they are still incredibly comfortable.

The creation of hybrids was marked by great joy for those who appreciate both coolness and comfort. The hybrid mattress took the best from spring, gel as well as from a foam one. Air circulation in it is better because the hybrid does not heat up too much. In addition, changing the position on it is much easier compared to memory mattresses.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that both modern mattresses with memory foam and hybrid ones can not only positively affect the human body, but also provide the user with a sound, high-quality, and restful dream. Due to the wide range of products on the market, consumers are able to choose a mattress for themselves that will fully satisfy their needs, fit in size, and, last but not least, suit their pocket.

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