Would you like more love and support from your friends, community and social networks? At the time of the Gemini New Moon life opens to offer you new social vistas! New soulmate-type relationship (people you vibe with and who are on your same wave length) potentials are available for you NOW!


  • First New Moon after recent eclipse season
  • Especially potent time of new beginning in your mind and how you connect with others
  • Attract new soulmate-type friends and associations
  • Enjoy more love and support from your world
  • Feel more seen and appreciated, perhaps like you’ve never experienced before in your entire life!
  • Change any negative self talk or mental habit patterns related to your circle of relationships

    The best time for your Gemini New Moon Ritual and setting your intentions is just at the New Moon until the moon goes void of course. For May 28, 2014 the 7º Gemini New Moon is at 11:40am PT and the moon will go void of course on May 29th at 2:59 am PT.

    As always you begin a new creation cycle with the New Moon energies when the natural cycle of the moon supports you to sow your seeds of intention for manifesting your true heart’s desires in the area of your life where the new moon is located.

    This Gemini New Moon is especially potent as it’s the first new moon after the springtime Eclipse season. The areas of your life where Gemini and Taurus are located in your birth chart during this time are most ripe for new beginnings.

    Locate the house where the Gemini New Moon is located in your astrology chart then listen to my YouTube, “The 12 Houses of the Zodiac – Their Meaning & Purpose,” if you'd like more insights about how the Gemini New Moon may affect you personally HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bPd0xJJY98

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    RITUAL TO MANIFEST SOULMATES in Your Friendships, Social Networks & Community


  • White candle
  • Your favorite essential oil you absolutely love and puts you in the mood for attracting love (Rose, Ylang Ylang, Neroli, East Indian Sandalwood are all good).
  • Pink Quartz Crystal (place over your heart chakra)
  • You are in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Light your white candle and focus on the flame to center yourself. Get comfortable and breathe slowly and deeply as you inhale your aromatherapy oil. Allow your mind to become still and quiet.

    Call upon Archangel Gabriel (the Messenger Angel) and the Relationship Angels Raguel and Chamuel to over light you and open your heart, mind and soul to connect and engage in completely new ways with others. Affirm the opening and expansion of your social consciousness in your extended social circles and spheres of influence.

    At the time of the Gemini New Moon focus upon your most cherished dreams in your imagination for juicy social interactions. Feel your dreams as if they are happening now. What do you truly desire for yourself in your associations, friendships and networks, most especially related to the areas of your life where the Gemini New Moon is located in your astrology chart?

    By thinking about your desired visions in these areas of your life you nourish them with love and positive faith, so that you can realize and experience them in reality.

    Shower your dreams with positive emotion to attract opportunities for the realization of your dreams. Most importantly see yourself taking the necessary actions on any intuitive guidance; this activates the universal flow to respond and match your vibrational signals.

    Conclude your Gemini New Moon Ritual with a simple prayer of thanks and invite the loving support of those who love you both incarnate and dis-incarnate to assist you with your dreams becoming reality.

  • Angels, guides, ancestors, teachers, and friends,
  • I call upon all who love me to witness
  • My deep appreciation for my soul’s journey,
  • Bless my unfolding as I plant my seeds of intention
  • May my true heart’s desires be manifest,
  • And so it is.
  • You may wish to journal about your New Moon intentions for manifesting and any visions or ideas that arose for you during your new moon meditation. Make a plan to take action immediately on your ideas / visions. Plan to review and celebrate your accomplishments at the Sagittarius Full Moon in two weeks time.

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    You have my permission to publish this article in its entirety if you include this complete copyright notice with it: © KG Stiles 2014 http://www.kgstiles.com

    Enjoy the Gemini New Moon experience! Wishing you all the best.


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