Astrology has precisely defined the association which each gemstone holds with a particular planet, and the impact which it is meant to create on its wearer. Most of the people hold a belief that gemstones can only be positive in their impact. However, it is a misconception. Know the truth.

Know Your Gemstones
According to astrology based facts, a gemstone can also create an adverse impact. The reason behind it being described, states that in case where a person does not properly follow the prescribed process and guidelines associated with a gemstone, a gemstone might end up being ineffective, if not adverse. However, there is one more prominent reason, according to which each gemstone holds certain compatibility, and a specific nature of relationship with certain planet and planetary positions. When it is adopted, keeping in consideration its nature of association with a certain planet, there are just about no chances of scoring a failure with it. However, when a gemstone is possessed without considering the fact that whether it goes compatible with the planet or not, the result might be positive or negative.

The Lagna Impact in Gemstones Astrology
Another prominent factor which is required to be considered is the Lagna in the horoscope. It can undoubtedly be called as one sole factor, on which one can exclusively base one’s decision regarding the gemstone. Wearing a stone in concord with the Lagna of the house, more often than not ensures positive results. It probably is the best, basic, and easiest astrological method of wearing it.

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