Scorpio Zodiac Sign, also known as Vrischika Rashi in Vedic Astrology, belongs to all those born in between the dates of October 23rd and November 21st of any year.

Different Aspects of Scorpio
Scorpio Zodiac Sign is represented with the symbol of a deadly and poisonous scorpion. The other aspects that have been associated with this Zodiac Sign in the beliefs of astrological system confirm water as its element, Pluto as its ruling planet, and iron, radium, and steel as its metals. For people belonging to this Rashi, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday are the most auspicious days of the week, red and white are the most auspicious colors, and 9 is the most auspicious number. Also, they are most compatible with those who belong to Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo, Cancer, or Pisces Zodiac Sign.

Intrinsic Qualities
A person with Scorpio Zodiac Sign is intrinsically meant to be emotional, sensitive, and mysterious. They are determined with their thoughts and actions, creative with their skills, romantic by nature, and gifted by intelligence. They have this tendency to get stubborn, arrogant, and rigid sometimes. Also, they also tend to get self-destructive in certain circumstances. It is very natural for them to get inclined towards spirituality and occult sciences.

Health Issues
With the kind of intrinsic qualities (or flaws) as possessed by people of Scorpio Zodiac Sign, they are most vulnerable to suffer from the problems of headaches and hypertension. Also, they are equally vulnerable to meet accidents or to suffer from urinary track disorders.

Lucky Gemstones for Scorpio
Aquamarine, Topaz, Ruby, Emerald, Moonstone, Turquoise, Green Tourmaline, Malachite, Amethyst, Garnet, Coral, Obsidian, Dioptase, Red Spinel, Blood stone, Rhodochrosite, Kunzite, and Boji stone are counted as amongst the list of lucky gemstones for Scorpions. Amongst these, Ruby is considered as planetary stone and Amethyst is considered as Talismanic stone for them.

Properties of Prominent Gemstones

Ruby: Ruby or Manik is associated with Sun, which is considered as one of the nine astrological planets. One with a weak or malefic Sun can wear it to ward off all the malefic influences as raised out of that position. Wearing it can be immensely effective. Wearing it derives one with enormous benefits. It improves concentration, settles disputes, and dispels evil thoughts. It also confers one with fame and enhanced social status. It is recommended to those who aspire to hold high office. Also, those with a desire to have a son should also wear it. Other than that, it confers strength to bones, joints, and ligaments. Its impact sustains for four years from the time it is worn.

Amethyst: Amethyst belongs to Quartz family of gemstones. The most popular aspect of this stone is its ability to dispel alcohol addiction and relieve body pain. It is also recommended to those who are suffering from any sort of mental disorders or sleeping related disorders. Wearing it also helps one overcome the mental trauma or physical harm which one might have suffered while living some tragic past incident. It also protects one from negative ion emissions and infrared radiations. Other than that, the magnificence of this stone is highly majestic, which apparently reflects upon a person who wears it. It also gives a spark of energy to one’s individuality.

Coral: The red-colored coral gemstone belongs to the planet Mars, who itself is prominent as a red-colored planet. Besides warding off the negative influences as formed by Mars, this stone has immense potential with its powers and abilities. It brings confidence in personality, confers one with administrative skills, and conveys one with intellectual abilities to resourcefully utilize the rights in social and political spheres. It is recommended for a blissful married life. Also, at the time of making land or property deals, keeping it along ensures positive results. It is recommended in cases where one is suffering from the problems of cough, chronic fever, impotency, piles, smallpox, or heart diseases. It also wards off all chances of abortion, and is thus recommended to pregnant women.

Dioptase: Dioptase, the green-colored gemstone, is often mistaken as Emerald. Out of the metaphysical properties that it possesses, it is brought in use primarily for the purpose of awakening the feelings of love and compassion. It is also used for overcoming the state of emotional distress, which one might have gained out of some hard-hitting and unpleasant past experience in life. One highlight endearing aspect, rather a prominent belief, associated with this stone is that it makes one understand his true role in life as well as the roles which others are meant to perform in their respective lives.

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