Islam has always defined the monarchies of all domains. There is not a single issue on which Islam has not enlightened us through either Quran or Sunnah. When it comes to equality, non-believers always put the blame on Islam by calling it the most oppressed religion for all the women but this is not reality. If you read it clearly and compare it with other religions, you will realize that the amount of freedom given to women in Islam can’t be compared to any other religion at all.

The best example of gender equality can be seen in the demonstration of the example of Adam and Eve mentioned in the Holy Quran. According to Quran and Sunnah. Both gender and sexes are equal and independent. If you look at all the rituals of Islam, from Hajj to Umrah, from Namaz to Ramzan’s fast, all rituals are equally compulsory for both genders. That is why an immense number of women can be seen booking Ramadan Umrah Package 2017 from London. This shows that not only men are pious or superior enough to visit the Holy city Makkah and Madinah. But in fact, women are equally blessed to experience the presence of Holy Kaaba in front of them.
People point out certain things in Islam and try to show the inequality of both genders through those examples.

For example, the concept of nafs is taken as a person and that person is considered as male i.e. Adam. But many scholars argue that Allah has created human beings from their other sexual counterparts and the word nafs is used for all humankind whether women or men. Also, people argue that since Adam was created first so this makes him dominant on Eve and that all men are superior and dominant on women. All these examples are just used to defame Islam and reality is different from that.

Women are definitely independent in their own nature; they are neither suppressed in Islam nor should be under the command of someone. They have the freedom to do whatever they feel right to do in accordance with Islam. These free choices given to both genders, allow them to make right choices in accordance with the principles of Islam. Hence one should never feel inferior from someone based on merely their gender as no religion especially Islam has set any parameters which show that one gender is superior or inferior from another so one must not fall trap to such rumors which have been created by the non-believers to defame the most respected religion in the whole wide world.

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