General Knowledge is an integral part of your lives. It provides us with immense knowledge of the world around us. It has brought the world much closer and disrupted lines of privacy. It keeps us informed and prepared for the worst conditions. Today, general knowledge is accessible even to the remotest corners of the world. English is not the only medium of spread of general affairs. In a country like India, Hindi reaches a larger crowd and can be comprehended by the majority. Thus, Hindi newspapers are more in demand, which acquaint the local crowd with the happenings around.
Many people live with the myth that general knowledge is only profitable to those who are literates, or as they term it, who know *English*. However, such a statement is a total myth and based on irrational grounds. On the contrary, general knowledge makes you an intellectual being, a knowledgeable person. It makes you somebody with a more radical approach towards life and a broader vision to understand things. The medium of language does not matter. General knowledge can also be attained through Hindi. Hindi newspapers also carry the same importance and give you the same information; you just need to be willing to know more. General knowledge is something that is useful for everybody, irrespective of the cast, color, sex, community, religion, they belong to. It is an accumulation of universal happenings which is a mixture of facts and experiences. It acts like a library of thoughts, basic functions of organizations, important events, current affairs etc.
However, general knowledge is something that cannot be learnt overnight. One has to be in constant touch with the newspapers, magazines, radio or television, to gain more knowledge. General Knowledge question and answers are available in the internet in the form of quizzes. These can help you practice in many different areas at a time. You can also prepare yourself for various entrance exams with the help of these quizzes. These days, entrance exams dedicate a large portion to general knowledge questions, making them a part of the syllabus. Even in the interview session, the candidates are bombarded with general knowledge questions.
General Knowledge is a vital element of our lives, which not only educates us but also makes us aware. They have also become a part of many questions in the entrance exams and interviews, thereby proving their importance in the academic field as well.

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