General knowledge has been noted to be a major requirement needed to succeed in many of today’s jobs, General Knowledge questions and Answers are not only appearing in competitive examination but have been noted to increasingly be used in the private sectors jobs interviews as well. Organizations are increasing using generalized questions related to current affairs during interviews so as to identify communication capability of the candidates applying for jobs.

It is important that candidates be able to communicate effectively since many are placed in positions that they come in to direct contact with client of the organization. Interviews know that asking technical questions will only lead to people answering them using rote learned answers and many interviewers are changing their interview techniques to include general knowledge. It is not possible to rote learn answers to questions from General Knowledge since they can come from any field. This has made the interview more challenging to pass thus prompting many people to resort to paying better attention to their surrounding.

Understanding current affairs occurring across the world has been noted to be a major requirement to pass many of the competitive examination, and the information could be sourced from different places, television being the best. One should be keen on listening to the news and other current affair programs or channel as they are the best source of the information.

Another good source of information from a general point of view would be national Geographic channel since they have a variety of channels that specialize in different fields. The responsibility of gathering information remains solely with the candidate or learner and each must be able to gather the information from different sources. It is also important that one invest time to study the material and remember important events that have taken place the previous year.

Sport, politics, economic and many other sectors require to be mastered to avoid any problems that could occur later. Answering general Knowledge questions has been noted to pose major problems for many people when asked. It is important that people begin considering learning on their own since the information is not only helpful at work but also in a person’s life in general. General knowledge and Current Affairs remains as the most interesting section of many competitive exams and many candidates that have good knowledge of the information are noted to pass competitive examination easily as they are able to answer many of the questions.

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