India is a developing country. It has shown tremendous improvement in the past decade and the success rate is growing higher with every passing year. One of the major reasons behind this boon is the spread of genera awareness amongst the people. The Government has laid great stress on the spread of general knowledge, from schools to offices. This has acquainted people with the prevailing conditions in our country and instilled in them a sense of unity and brotherhood to fight as one entity. Current affairs are spread like wildfire throughout the country and the growing influence of media has made them more accessible to the general public. Many people also resort to quiz books in order to stay updated and increase their general knowledge level.
Today’s world is filled with competition. Everybody aims to achieve the apex of success by adopting various strategies. They best way it to learn from others’ mistakes. Current affairs update you not only with the success strategies adopted by developed countries but also the areas in which they lack. Lines of privacy have been erased due to the strong influence of the media throughout the world. The youth of today, will be the future for tomorrow therefore it is very important to train them in the right manner. Many universities and colleges have been set up which help the students to realize their potential and help them enhance their skills and talents

However, academic knowledge is not sufficient to survive in today’s world. They have to focus on the general knowledge issues which prevail in our societies. We all work for the society, towards its betterment. Therefore, we need to be aware of the on-going events around us and things that happened in the past. We need to mitigate the effects of the evils existing in the society and promote well-being amongst the people. Today, the government supports a broad education system that has changed the outlook of people towards the importance of general knowledge. With its introduction in almost all major fields of career, people have realized the value of staying updated and aware. It not only broadens our perception but also clears our vision to understand things.

general knowledge helps us to stay updated with the rapidly changing world around us. On the other hand, current affairs provide us with information from all around the world which proves beneficial for our own development, both on personal level and academic level. Quiz books can help you stay updated with the events that occurred in the past and newspapers can acquaint you with the recent information.

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