There is no way to crack a UPSC examination or any other competitive examination for that matter without having a really strong General Knowledge base. This along with the Current Affairs is one of the most vital papers in the UPSC. If you want to serve as a top rung government officer, the only way to do it would be to go through the acid test of all India level exams. The preparation for the UPSCs has to be taken much before the declaration of the tests. This is a continuous process which involves targeted studies with a keen awareness regarding the world around us. The practice with Current Affairs Quiz helps really well with the General Studies paper. By submitting ourselves to mock tests many times before the exams within a given time frame really gets us prepared for the actual exam. Preparatory tests are one of the most important parts of the exam preparations. You do not have any other way to crack the top level exam in India such as the UPSC other than a strong idea about the happenings in the modern world.

Preparing for the General Knowledge
The General Knowledge paper in the UPSC has two parts there is the general studies paper and the Current Affairs. While the Current Affairs Quiz given in the various competitive exam guides really help in preparing for the current affair part; for the general studies you will need to read whatever you can lay your hands on. Ideally the board syllabus books from primary to the Intermediate level include all that you need to know in order to come out successful in the general studies. Besides that one may also go through the Manorama Year Book which compiles all the latest occurrences from the world around us along with whatever you would require to know in order to give the competitive exams.

Current affairs in the UPSC
The Current Affairs is one of the parts that constitute the General Knowledge in the UPSC. A newspaper reading habit is the only way to successfully tackle the Current affairs Quiz in the exams. Each and every bit of news which is given in the newspapers is important and must be read in a thorough manner. The editorials given in the newspapers help in developing the public opinion quite successfully and are sure to help you in answering the questions quite successfully.

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