General knowledge and the current affairs form the backbone of every kind of competitive examination in the country. Without these two you can just forget about getting a crack at any kind of exam and land a government job. If entering into the government services is your most cherished dream the important thing is to be knowledgeable regarding the events occurring around you both in the country and around the world. This is the only way to score really well and get ahead of competition in the exams. While in the private sector the chances of landing a job is far easier, and the pay packet also beyond imagination; it simply falls flat when you compare it with the perks and the security of any government jobs even in these modern times. This is the reason why so many hopefuls sit for the exams every year in the hopes of finding a job which will be the end of their every woe forever. If you are serious about the competitive exam being aware is most important and also going through the current affairs quiz which can help you to test your current capabilities. Once you are able to determine where you stand, you can go on and work from there on based on that.

The general knowledge preparation
For basic general knowledge regarding the general science, history, geography etc. can be best prepared with the help of the school level books especially the NCERT text books. These books are pretty vast and you will be amazed with how much these actually cover with regards to the competitive exam general affairs. While for current affairs you may need to give current affairs quiz and look around you; simply going through the text books can provide startling improvement in the state of the general affairs.

Current affairs
The General Knowledge paper also involves the current affairs and for this there is nothing compared to the newspapers to give an ideal preparation. Newspapers will not only keep you aware of what is happening in the world around but will also help you to develop a specific opinion regarding the various unfolding events. If you want to have a thorough preparation of the current affairs quiz in the exam paper, read everything that you can find in the newspapers from the very first line of the first page to the last line of the very last page.

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