Information about general knowledge opens the windows to the world around you. It makes you aware of the kind of world you live in, how thing function, what are the pre-requisites for living a healthy life etc. In short words, it acquaints you with life, real life. Our growing dependency on the outside world has increased the importance of general knowledge in our lives. In 2011, for example, there have been many events that affected us. Be it the world cup victory, or th earthquake that shook Japan, it all had an impact, on human life and human property. Therefore, we need to stay aware and test our general knowledge through mediums like gk quizzes. These would help us realize our general awareness level.
We are often asked to keep our eyes and ears open. What do you think our parents mean when they say this? it means to stay aware, to stay vigilant about things around you. If you shut yourself, you become more venerable to the dangers prevailing around you. It is better to be cautious and prepare yourself for the worst. This is usually followed when natural disasters strike. An alert is sent to all the neighboring countries to make them aware of the danger. In 2011, when Japan was hit by an earthquake, all the neighboring places were evacuated as much as possible. Thus, general awareness is essential at every point in life.
What about the academic importance of general knowledge? it is equally important in our academics. It broadens our mind and vision to new understandings. You get a holistic view of life, where you are ready to accept other' perceptions and analyze them. A generally aware person is usually called an intellectual being. He/she becomes more confident and is able to strike a conversation easily. General knowledge is very vital, especially during interview sessions, where you can appall the evaluators with your awareness level and gain their confidence. You can however, take up various general knowledge tests you keep checking your level of awareness. This would help you update yourself, and bug up in areas where you lack.

Thus, general knowledge is very important and has to be taken seriously. It should become a part and parcel of your life by staying in constant touch with newspapers and news channels. There are other mediums like quizzes which help to test your general knowledge and also present information in an interesting format.

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