Glass vacuum lifting is a high-value solution for handling heavy lifting and loads tackling. Glass lifters are a great option to install glass in building construction. However, glass lifters machines are accident-prone. You should check on their mechanism every time before using it. It needs proper handling and some precautionary measurement before each use. Vacuum glass lifting safety measurement can be diversified through three steps- these are a professional safety measure, personal safety measure and post-use glass lifting measures. 

Here are a few safety measures that you can take while using glass vacuum lifting machines.

Professional safety measure:

  • First of all, do not ever operate a lifting machine without a proper inspection from a professional team. It needs to test time and again before each shift.
  • Try asking for the report before using. If any unwanted ‘out of order’ situation occurs, it is better to ditch that equipment and send it to restoration and processing.
  • Check the capacity of the lifter. If you hire glass vacuum lifter, you should know the weightage capacity of the lifter. It marks the machine with safety alertness warning.
  • Make sure the mechanism of screw, bolt, and hook is checked properly. 
  • It is recommendedusing a safetylatch with your lifters crane.
  • Never lift heavier than capacity.
  • As you are hiring vacuum glass lifters, you should check the vacuum capacity before lifting the glass. If there are any dust and debris in the vacuum, it needs cleaning with proper maintenance.
  • Horizontal lifting of the glass material is easy for handling than vertical lifting.
  • Do not send the glass material high over the height as it will be tough to handle.
  • Never lift oily or greasy glass material. It will not be easy to attach in the vacuum of liftingmachine.
  • Follow signals techniques while loading. Have enough workers in the process.
  • The mechanism of acceleration and disacceleration has to be equally smooth.

Personal safety measure:

  • Keep the workers in a safe condition. Do notstand just under the cranes to avoidaccidentalrelease of the glass.
  • Do not lift loads over people.
  • Practice the signals and signs between the appointed people before starting the lifting work.
  • Keep the body and face away from the vacuum and the glass material while installing the glass.
  •  As a precautionary measure, keep insurance coverage for workers if any problems occur during the lifting process.
  • Keep insurance coverage for the machines too. It will help you with post-accident coverage.
  • Hire a professional supervisor during the lifting. They can assist the workers through theliftingwork.

Summing up:

Hope these safety measures will help with the process of glass lifting. Professionals’ safety measures and personal safety measures are equally essential during the process. Professional companies take note of pre-operation, during the process and post-operation safety tool.

Post-operation safety is equally essential. Steps like shutting off the engine, transport to its place, unhook the liftingequipment is an important safety measure. When you practice these three-step safety measures, it ensures the stability of the work by increasing the productivity of the work.

Hope these steps and measurements will help you with the glass shifting work.

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The author talks about precautions during hiringvacuum glass vacuumlifter to help the readers for the future.