All your school life, especially 12th standard is dedicated towards getting into a top notch college of India. Students work very hard, parents pressurize too much, relatives expect a lot, to see you into one of the best colleges of India, getting a popular degree. A college is judged with the kind of people that have studied there, the expertise of the faculty members, the extracurricular activities that the college takes part in, etc. One such place, which is the aim of the majority of Indian youth, is the Delhi University. All the students work hard towards being a part of it, and parents boast with pride about their children studying in one of the Delhi University colleges. It has numerous colleges on campus and off campus, also divided in North Campus and South Campus based on the geographical divisions. However, in order to be a part of DU, you need to have a high percentage in the 12th board exam and thus qualify for the cut off list by various colleges. Following are some tips which can help you gain admission in Delhi University:
• First and foremost, make a list of colleges you want to get into. Then check the previous years' cut off list. This will help you get an idea of the college which fits your percentage since the cut off list only varies by 1-2 percent every year.
• Then fill the form as soon as possible. There is too much rush and limited number of seats. These days a common form is available to gain entry into some colleges, so fill that from up and mark your priorities.
• You can also fill in separate forms for colleges which are your top priorities. Also, do not forget to read the prospectus carefully, which contains very useful information. Fill the form and photocopy it, keep the receipt carefully.
• Avoid making mistakes in the form and read the instructions carefully. The form filling procedure is conducted at May-June, heights of heat in Delhi; do not let it take a toll on your nerve. Be patient and answer carefully.
• Once the cut off list is out, you can visit the college of your choice and which fulfills the cut off criteria and pay the fee. Paying the fee would also mean submitting your documents there, and securing a seat. Thus, make sure before you submit the final documents because changing the college after that would be a hard task.

It is a matter of pride to be a part of one of the most prestigious institutions of India, called Delhi University. It has the best faculty members in different fields of knowledge and it completely changes your personality after studying in DU. You become more confident and gain knowledge in different areas due to the large exposure provided by the University. Thus, if your percentage fits in the cut off list, hurry up, follow the above steps for admission and bag a seat in one of the top notch college of India.

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